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Engagement Ring colour options - The Sapphire Spectrum

The colour plays a central role in sapphire engagement rings. Many customers order a blue, pink, or yellow sapphire engagement ring and assume that they will get the exact colour as in the product image. The reality is that the natural gemstones come in all shades of the colour you choose. A sapphire with any desirable eye-ca

White Sapphire and Diamond - An expert Analysis

If you decided that you want to have a colourless gemstone in your engagement ring but not sure whether it would be a diamond or sapphire and if you are confused with the pieces of advice from wannabe youtube stars, here are some expert advice for you.

There are several approaches to arrive at a decision. Let's say yo

Cornflower blue & why the heck it matters?

I was spending my last weekend at one of the amazing maze gardens in Melbourne, Enchanted Adventure Gardens and I encountered a beautiful field of cornflowers. I couldn't stop taking photographing those beautiful flowers. The four colours, blue, lilac, pink, and white were mixed on the flower beds. This encounter made me reth

The 6Cs of Sapphires by Brilliyond - C6.Curing

The vast majority of sapphires are cured, healed, or treated to remove deficiencies and increase the qualities. The most common technique of curing is heat treatments. Heating is the process of exposing the gemstone to the same conditions in nature in a very short time. During this process, transformations which take thousand

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