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Diamond Sapphire

Your Diamond

Selecting a diamond should not be that complicated. Our innovative easy to use diamond selector widget makes the simple things simple and complex things possible.

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Finding a diamond using complicated online tools can be tedious. Please use our simple diamond selector to select one or more diamonds matching your budget and other preferences. Then emial or call us and our friendly staff will help you to go through all the complexities.

Diamonds with the same quality are available for different prices. Our staff will be able to pick the best diamond for you.

The diamond selector show the full price of the design with other stones, band, and the tax.







Our Difference

Ethically Sourced

We do all neccessary checks to make sure that our diamonds are originated from conflict free zones.

We buy sapphires from Ceylon sapphire mines and also cut and polish rought gemstones in our own lapidary.

Individually Crafted

Our Engagement rings are not mass produced. We tailor the design to the choosen diamond/sapphire.

With cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, we cast fine and detailed designs which are not possible with hand crafting.

Finally, we do setting and detailed finishing by hands of expert jewellers paying attention to every little details to get a perfect finish.

Original Art

It has never become so easy to copy and duplicate someone else than todays Internet enabled world. We dedicated to ensure that every drop of the creativity is our original.

Our chief designer won multiple interenational design awards over the past few years.

Australian Made

Our Engagement Rings are made in Australia by expert jewellers with years of experience.

We operate a lapidary, workshop, and a sapphire buying office in Sri Lanka. However, your engagement ring is always made in Australia.

Make Everyone Smile

At the end of the day we want a smile on eveyones face.

Live Gemstone Inspections

Live Gemstone Inspection

One of the truly unique service we provide to our customers is real-time gemstone inspection. One of the challenges in buying your expensive gemstone engagement ring is to make sure that you are getting the right gemstone for the ring.

We use cutting edge gemstone video technology to show you the gemstone in real time. Our designers will pick a few gemstones which match your criteria and have a video call to discuss your preferences and pick the one you like. Just use the online chat to initiate the conversation or just drop an email, support@brilliyond.com.au

How do I choose the right Engagement Ring Design?

It is best to start with your favourite metal type/colour and gemstone. Once these are locked in, it is time to personalise your engagement ring: In terms of the stone shape, ring style: halo, solitaire, three stone etc. For more support, get in touch with our customer support team, who are ready to help you choose the perfect ring.

How long does it take to make an Engagement Ring?

We deliver you engagement ring within 2 to 4 weeks. Our average is about 2 ½ weeks. Urgent orders can be delivered within a week. Urgent deliveries depend on diamond and gemstone availability in our own inventories.

How much does a Sapphire Engagement Ring Cost?

The price of a sapphire engagement ring is mainly depend on the sapphire gemstone. Our sapphire engagement ring prices starts from $1500. However, an engagement ring with a decent size sapphire would cost you around $3500. And, of course if you want to go for a bigger/premium sapphire, there is no upper limit for the price.

What kind of gemstone is right for my Engagement Ring?

This would depend on whether you like a diamond or a coloured gemstone and your budget. Whilst diamonds dominate the market for engagement rings; sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and aquamarines are also popular choices.

What is the price of a Diamond Engagement Ring?

We only use high quality diamonds (Colour D to G, Clarity SI2 and above) and the prices starts around $5000 and there is no upper limit depending on the specifications. The prices of these rings vary depending on the weight (in carats) of the gemstone, and the number of diamonds etc. So, knowing the 4Cs of diamond quality is key to understand how much you should pay for your diamond engagement ring.

How can I get help for select my Engagement Ring?

First, you could check out our Engagement Ring Design Gallery and the Style Guide. Feel free to book a free virtual consulation with one of our jewellers. Including real visuals on rings and gemstones of your choice. Also, if you are after a sapphire, try our very unique real-time gem inspection service.

Custom Design Process

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Step 4: Delivery

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