Gemstones are the soul of the fine jewellery industry. Whilst precious metals provide the shape and structure and give rise to the various designs, it is often the gemstone that is a standout feature of any fine jewel. Picking a gemstone can come down to a variety of factors. Besides the character, type, and quality of the gemstones themselves, countless reasons motivate jewellery buyers or loose gemstone seekers to choose one of these hardened crystals.

Since gemstones come in a variety of types: that differ in terms of colour, hardness, mineral composition and rarity, there are an array of factors to consider for those who are looking for a top-quality gemstone. Often the main determinant of a person’s gemstone of choice is the price. However most gemstones, and yes even the most eminent ones, despite varying concerning their specific categories (carbon or corundum), also differ among themselves concerning the individual qualities of each gemstone. In the world of diamonds there are the famous 4Cs which measure the gemstones: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. A framework for measuring quality that finds similar but different standards in other gemstone categories. Like Brilliyond’s very own 6Cs of Sapphires.

When it comes to purchasing an authentic, jeweller-quality gemstone there are several factors to consider. In addition to the core factors such as the gemstone type, country of origin, carat and cut. There are other, less known, but important factors to consider: is the gemstone in question a naturally soured gemstone or a lab-grown one? Is the gemstone subjected to any type of curing process, which often involves heating the stone to enhance its natural colour? Heating is an acceptable practice in the world of gemstones, however, one must distinguish it from other less common practices like gemstone modification.

Another important point to consider is if the gemstone is the first-time sale, or is being resold. Many gemstones lose a bit of their upon repeat sale and purchase. So it is important to inquire about this information. And critically when purchasing gemstones, it is important to check for quality certificates. Which are often provided, by reputable jewellery companies using or having the services of a gem laboratory to test and verify the final quality of the stone.

With Brilliyond you stand to get some of the best gemstones in the industry. With top-quality natural sapphires, rubies, amethysts, aquamarines, garnets and much, much more. All are sourced from ethical mining practices, from countries such as Ceylon and even here in Australia. All of our gemstones are checked for quality by our expert team, in addition to coming with lab reports upon request. In addition, your choice of gemstone can be matched with some of the best fine jewellery designs, with some of the most unique engagement rings in the industry. Call us now at 0390782976 to find out more.