Engagement Ring Design Collection

Choosing an engagement ring is a choice of a lifetime. There is a lot to consider when selecting the setting and the style of your engagement ring. The choices are endless when it comes to engagement ring designs.

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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Rings are generally classified based on style. Here you can find a collection of designs for each style.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs

An elegant engagement ring design featuring a single gemstone set on the band. A minimalistic design giving attention to the chosen gemstone.

Halo Engagement Ring Designs

In this engagement ring style the centre stone is surrounded by a circle of accent gemstones. The halo gives an extra sparkle with light and focuses attention on the centre stone, enhancing the size of the centre stone.

Trilogy Engagement Ring Designs

A three stoned engagement ring design consisting of gemstones, diamonds or a combination of both. Stones can be of the same size or centre stone can be larger than the stones on either side.

Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

Timeless ring designs with an antique style aesthetic. Consisting elements of milgrain detailing, filigree cutouts floral engravings, flourishes and scrolls.

Cluster Engagement Ring Designs

A relatively newcomer to the engagement rign styles which composed of a centre stone surrounded by a collection of smaller stones arranged in a delicate geometric pattern.

Colourful Engagement Ring Styles

An engagement ring design composed of a selection of colourful gemstones complimenting each other.

Colour Accented Engagement Ring Designs

A unique colour accented ring design, consisting of vibrant gemstones to perfectly suit the personality of the wearer. A Brilliyond special. These designs combine different coloured stones to provide a unique look. If you want to showcase something different with your engagement ring, this is an interesting choice.

Round Engagement Ring Designs

A traditional engagement ring style with a classic round cut gemstone. It is the most popular stone cut for engagement rings as it gives the stone a brighter shine.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring Designs

A design featuring an inverted pyramid shape with a square face and four bevelled sides. The princess design has brighter refraction of light due to its many facets.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Designs

A ring design with a cushion-cut centre stone, shaped like a square with rounded edges resembling a cushion. This design is one of the shiniest gemstone shapes available.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Designs

An engagement ring style with a rectangular cut gemstone cut with cut corners. It has a larger surface area which makes it appear larger than its carat weight.

Oval Engagement Ring Designs

A ring with an elongated gemstone shape with curved edges and the sparkle of a round cut gemstone. A most desired, unique and elegant engagement ring design.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Designs

A timeless and chic ring design with a pointy on the top and rounded at the bottom gemstone shape. Pear-shaped gemstones tend to appear larger that it's actual size.

Split Shank Engagement Ring Styles

A beautiful ring design with a band that divides as it approaches the centre stone. There are many variations of the split shank designs to select from.

Two tone Engagement Ring Designs

A unique ring design composed of two metallic tones. This design can be composed of yellow, rose or white gold metallic options.

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring Designs

Trending engagement ring styles inspired by natural elements. These rings are intricately designed with nature-inspired elements incorporated on to the shank or the crown of the ring.

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