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We know that we are in a serious business of not only making someone happy, but also keep them happy for a life time. Consistantly delivering world class customer service is one of our corner stones of success. We are very fast in responding and we do design, manufacturing, and technology, all in-house. We listen to you and we will deliver exactly what you want.

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What is the average price?

Our diamond engagement ring price range is starting from $4500 and goes up to $100K.

Usually the size and the quality of the diamond is the main determinant of the price of the ring.

The size of a diamond is measured by its weight using the weight measuring unit called a carat. A carat is a one fifth of a gram.

Colour, clarity, and cut are the other main quality factors.

We recomment to pick a design and discuss with us to pick a diamond to match your budget. You can get the same ring design made with a $3000 diamond or a $50K diamond.

What is the 4Cs of Diamond

The 4Cs of diamond quality are Carat Weight, Colour Grade, Clarity Grade, and Cut Grade.

Please check our 4Cs Guide to learn more.

What is the custom design process?

Most orders are based on the designs showcased in our web site. We custome made them after the order is placed.

If you want to go for a completely new design based on your ideas/preferences or based on any design you have encountered elsewhere we will follow our custom design process.

First we will discuss the design with you and do muliple prototype CAD designs until we get your approval for the design.

Then we will select a diamond for the design based on your preferences.

And then we make the ring and deliver.

Can I see the photos/videos of diamonds?

Yes, we can show you the photos and 360 degree videos of gemstones and diamonds. Please contact us and we will arange a live gemstone inspection.

How long it will take to deliver?

We ask our customers to allow two to four weeks to deliver a custom made engagement ring. Our average delivery time for diamond engagement ring is 14 days.

Every engagement ring is custom made. We do not keep any pre-made rings.

We believe that alteration of pre-made rings/bands based on the orders is diminishing the value of a truly custom made jewellery.

During the crafting process our customers are free to choose the diamonds they like.

However, if you need your engagement ring urgently, we can definitely arrange that too.

Are you selling created diamonds?

We do not actively selling created diamonds at the moment.

Created diamonds are getting popular due to the increased awareness of ethical matters in diamond mining and environment preservation.

On the flip side, usually any manufacturing process is getting cheaper over time, hence reducing the price of the product.

But don't forget that you can get a better and bigger created diamond for the same price of a natural diamond.

Please contact our staff to learn and discuss this further.

Can I use Auspost parcel collect?

Yes, we know that most often it is a surprice gift. You can make sure that the parcel can only received by yourself by using post offfice collection services such Auspost Parcel Collect.

We have many delivery options.

We also can hand deliver in most metro areas of Melbourne, Gold Coast in Australia and London, Nottingham in UK.

Just let us know your delivery preferences and we will arrange that for you.

Can I get a Discount?

If you want to optimise your budget, plase talk to us. Our Engagement Ring Prices are automatically calulated based on a number of variables. We can adjust these variables and give you a better price. Don't let the price hold you from owning your dream design.