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Emeralds are the top green gemstone in the world and make up the top four (or five) gemstone types in the world. The birthstone for May emeralds is known for its distinct mineral character, as a distinct type from the mineral family of beryl. Emeralds get their distinct colour green by the presence of trace levels of vanadium and chromium. The emerald stone marks the time that sets the start of spring, emeralds are connected with life and nature, and in Egyptian cultures, the stone was viewed as a symbol of rebirth. Emeralds which have been used for thousands of years have long been recognised for their value and beauty. Today many of the top emeralds are sourced from the South American nation of Colombia. Emeralds are prized for their rarity, colour and high durability, making them a top choice of gemstones in the world of fine jewellery, notably in engagement rings.

What Makes Emeralds Unique

Emeralds are a type of beryl. Beryl a term derived from the Greek word ‘beryllosis a type of silicate mineral, that is found in a number of variants in nature. In the gemstone world, beryllium is found in a number of variants: including aquamarines, morganites, heliodors (a bright yellow gemstone) and of course emeralds. Emeralds are considered to be the quintessential green gemstones in the world. What sets emeralds apart from other gemstones, and also from other beryl gemstones are numerous. In the gemstone world, the key differentiating factors are its unique mineral character and colour. Unlike diamonds, which are carbon-based, rubies and sapphires that are corundum gemstones, emeralds are beryl-based variants and are rarer than diamonds and sapphires. So there is one key advantage for the green gemstone. Next, the beauty of emeralds is the result of their distinct mineral character: the colour of the emerald stone results from the combination of vanadium, chromium, and iron. Vanadium is one of the rarest minerals in nature and its combination with iron and chromium gives rise to various shades one finds in emerald stones.

Why Purchase Emerald Jewellery

The reasons why one opts for emerald gemstones are numerous. A key factor that drives the popularity of emeralds is the availability of gemstone quality gems in the market: which are limited to a handful of countries in South America, and in recent times to parts of Africa. With Brazil and Colombia leading the way. Emeralds are thus considered to be among the truly exotic gemstones. In addition to their visual character, emeralds have a long history of adoption in the world of royalty and nobility. Considered to be the choice of gemstone of Cleopatra, the last monarch of ancient Egypt, and the world’s first known emeralds were mined in ancient Egypt over fifteen hundred years ago. Emeralds also pack a number of symbolic and mystical values. From enhancing the wearers' memory to giving the person in possession of this gemstone a sense of foresight. Taken together emeralds are a top choice for fine jewellery: from their distinct colour, beauty, rarity and durability, with emeralds scoring between 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale for hardness. Making emeralds a solid gemstone option.