Emeralds are top green gemstone in the world, and make up the top four (or five) gemstone types in the world. The birthstone for May emeralds are known for their distinct mineral character, as a distinct type from the mineral family of beryl. Emeralds get their distinct colour green by the presence of by trace levels of vanadium and chromium. The emerald stone marks the time that sets the start of spring, emeralds are connected with life and nature, and in Egyptian cultures the stone was viewed as a symbol of rebirth. Emeralds which have been used for thousands of years, have long been recognized for their value and beauty Today many of top emeralds are source form the South American nation of Colombia. Emeralds are prized for their rarity, colour and high durability, which has made them a top choice of gemstones in the world of fine jewellery, notably in engagement rings.