A Complete Guide to Engagement Ring Designs

Searching for and selecting the best engagement ring that suits your preferences can be a complicated but an exciting process. One which involves learning about the variety of styles and options you could have. Here is a comprehensive guide to the possibilities for you to explore.

The Center Stone Shape

Selecting the perfect shape for your center gemstone is a very personal choice. We have a collection of engagement ring designs for each different gemstone shapes. The shape and the cut of the gemstone accents the colour and refractive power of the gemstone, affecting the level and intensity of its sparkling brilliance.

Gemstone Type

Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emeralds are considered as the true preciouse gemstones. However, due to the rarity certain colours, qualities, and varieties of other gemstones such as paraiba tourmaline, cats eye, and alexandrite could be also considered preciouse.

Semi preciouse gemstones such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Garnet are also getting popular as engagement ring center stones, especially the best quality gemstones of those varieties.

Metal Type

White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold & Platinum. This might be the starting point of your search for the right metal of choice for your engagement ring. Gold is the most popular metal of choice for engagement ring buyers. The purity of Gold is measured with a unit called a Karat. One hundred percent pure gold is called 24 karat gold. The most popular karatage for engagement rings, 18K gold is 18 parts of pure gold mixed with 6 parts of other metals. Different coloured gold is made by adding different metals such as copper, silver in varied proportions.


It is not just the design, gemstones, and the materials. Here are few things you should never miss.

Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

Knowing how to reffer to the different parts and features of an engagement ring will be very helpful in communicating your preferences to the jeweller.

The Center Stone

The center stone is the key attention point of an engagement ring. It is usually set on the top of the ring and above any other stones if present.

Accent Stones

Side stones or accent stones is the perfect way to add more glamour to your engagement ring. The most common type of accent stones used are the stones alond the shank or the band of the ring. These accent stones also can be placed in a halo, double halo or in a cluster pattern framing the centre stone. This can increase the elegance of your ring even further.

Side Stones

If there are more prominent stones in the design around the center stone than small accent stones, they are called side stones. Particularly used in three stone or trilogy engagement ring settings.


The band or shank is the circular body which goes around the fingure.


Prongs are little finger like metal parts which are used to hold the centerstone or any other gemstone. There are other ways to fix gemstones to the metal body. When the prongs are used, we called it the "prong setting".


Hallmark is a tiny text stamped inside the band to specify the purity of the metal. Having a hallmark will not guarentee the quality of the metal because a manufacturer can stamp any text as they wish. But usually the ratailers do not have equipment to do this so there is certain level of guarentee.


Engraving is usually done at the inside bottom of the ring. This area can be reworked in case you want to resize the engagement ring. In such cased you can ask to engrave towards the side of the shank.


As the name suggests, the crown is the top part of the ring where we set the maine gemstones.

Usability Facts

Width of the Band

The greater the width of the ring, the more stable and more resistant it would be when removing it from your finger. However the band will feel tighter, if it is wider and vice versa.

Elevated Centre Stone

Designs with highly elevated centre stones may not ideal if you have an active/outdoor lifestyle. Especially if you’re working with tools and other implements.

Gemstone Durability

Diamonds, Sapphires, and Rubies are highly durable as they score high in the Mohs scale for hardness. If you are planning to keep your engagement ring on all the time, these preciouse gemstones are desirable.


Resizing can be required at any time: from just after your proposal, or even ten years after you purchase. Certain delicate designs can be challenging to resize, so if you go for a detailed options: specially with lots of accent stones on the band, it is better to get the correct finger measurements ahead of time.

General Wear and Tear

Any engagement ring will wear and tear over time. Be aware about any loose stones. If you feel the center stone is loosing, stop wearing the engagement ring and consult your jeweller immediately.

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