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Founded in 2008 in Melbourne, Brilliyond Jewellery has become one of the best online destinations to buy a Sapphire Engagement Ring in Australia. We offer thousands of original designs and also provide bespoke design and fabrication services.

Brilliyond is a next-generation jewellery company. We bring together several generations of experience in jewellery making and modern computer-aided design/manufacturing technologies. These efficiencies help us to deliver value-added service for lower prices. We have established our own manufacturing operations in Sri Lanka so that we can source natural gemstones (especially natural sapphires) easily. This brings you another advantage, the best quality sapphires for the prices you would probably not able to get from elsewhere in Australia, or from any other international online jewellers for that matter.

Operations: Our head office and warehouse is located in Melbourne. All the shipping and supporting are handled by the Melbourne office. Even though we do not operate a showroom in Melbourne, you can meet us for personal consultations. Our manufacturing facility is located in Gold Coast, Australia. We have perfected our processes to provide a quality and fast service. We want to be the trusted online jeweller of Australia and offer a better and fast service compared to our international competitors.

Business Philosophy: We believe in some good old ways of doing good business. We do not hard-sell but believe in human-to-human contact built on genuine trust. We do not leave the customers alone after we sell an expensive jewellery. We remained as the trusted partner in caring and maintaining the jewellery forever.

Original Designs: Creativity and originality matter to us a lot. All the engagement ring designs are our own original designs. They were designed by our award-winning chief designer. He comes with two decades of experience working and won a number of international jewellery design awards during the past few years including design contest in JKS, Las Vegas, the biggest jewellery show in the world.

Cutting Edge Tech: The equipment and technology we are using are the best in class in the industry. We use high-end CAD software Rhino Matrix for our designs and use high-resolution 3D printers to make prototyping. Casting and hand finishing will give your jewellery a near perfection look and feel. Your gemstones are also tested and calibrated using high tech instruments and reverified by experts for confirmations.

Sapphire Experts: We specialised in sapphire jewellery. We have a large inventory of sapphires and they come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes. Do not forget to get our sapphire engagement ring buying guide and get yourself well educated before you spend a lot of money on your jewellery. It is free and the best guide of its kind you can find on the web. We provide a certificate of authenticity for your jewellery stating its technical characteristics, origin, and appearance. Upon request, we provide internationally accepted third party certifications which you can verify online. Our sapphire jewellery designs cover the most popular gemstone sizes. We also design and fabricate high-end masterpieces with high quality sapphire gemstones.

Custom Design Experience: One may think that you need to visit a physical jewellery store to get a custom engagement ring done. We bet our process outpace the conventional ways of customisation. You will be amazed how fast your custom design will turn into a real piece of unique beauty. In brief, once the request is made we do a design using CAD and get a number of computer rendered images of the design. This will happen within a day. Then, depending on your feedback we do several rounds of refinements. After we agreed on the design, we ask you to purchase the product and then we will make it in about 3 weeks time. During this time, we send you pictures of the gemstones for your approval and also the different stages of the production process. The final product will be shipped to you in a nice wooden box which will reinforce the value and the beauty of the design. If you order an existing design from the website, the process will be the same except the custom design step.

The NO. 1 destination for Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings and Natural Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings in Australia.

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Customer Anna Guildford has this to say about the company:

"Brilliyond is a cool site where you can customise the last bit of your choice. Usually, most of us finds a great product in the Internet but it is just not the one we want. Sometimes when the design is right the colour is not and when the both are right the price is not. With the customisation features offered by Brilliyond, I can get my favourite design done with my favourite coloured gemstone and I can select whether I need to go for gold or silver depending on my budget. Just ask for any other customisation and they will do it for you."

Our offer to the Australian jewellery consumer is two fold. We present great choices in our website and then we offer high quality fabrication and customisation. First, we made a joyful online jewellery shopping experience with hundreds of choices and our design inventory is ever expanding. We want to offer thousands of beautiful designs with multiple variants such as your favourite gemstone, colour, or metal. All of our designs are either made by our in-house jewellery designers or by freelance designers under the guidance of our in-house team. Thus, you will never find the same designs sold elsewhere.

The sophisticated taste in art is not any more limited to the elites. But most of the time, beautifully designed fine jewellery is usually available for few who can afford them at very high prices. From the beginning, Brilliyond has taken a different path. We have decided to serve the masses. That means responding to the jewellery needs of people with many different tastes, dreams, aspirations and wallet sizes; people who want to express themselves and make their everyday lives glamorous. Moreover, our business model is based on a very strong and streamlined supply chain. We source our gemstones directly from mines and a we own a high tech production operation. By vertically integrating the jewellery industry's supply chain, we are capable of offering great products at a fraction of average price in the market.

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