Buying a Sapphire Engagement Ring - A Definitive Guide

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Why do you need a guide?

First, an engagement ring purchase will attract the attention of many people. Whether you like it or not you will be judged by this purchase and you cannot go wrong.  The world is not a fair place and once lack of knowledge often leads to unfortunate situations.

If you buy from the top brand, pay the premium and don’t worry at all. But if you want to make a smart purchase, educating yourself will save you a lot of money and you will get a good engagement ring, something that not only she but everyone says ‘YES’.

Secondly, we think that some of the sapphire engagement rings in the market do not give a fair value proportion to the customer. We believe that educating customers will benefit themselves and all the genuine jewellery businesses out there.

The Design

Engagement Rings Usability Facts

Width of the Band

The wider the band the tighter it feels. A narrow band can have a slight play unless made a bit tightly.

Elevated Centre Stone

Risk of damage due to exposure. Not suitable if you want to engage in activities while wearing.

Gemstone Durability

Diamonds, sapphire, and rubies are very durable and well suitable for engagement rings.


If you go for a very delicate custom engagement ring, it is better to get the size correctly because resizing can be challenging.

General Wear and Tear

Engagement rings need maintenance. Contact us immediately if you feel the stones are getting lose.

Custom Design Process

Step 1: Planning

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Step 2: Designing

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Step 3: Gemstones

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Step 4: Delivery

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