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Why Padparadscha Sapphires are expensive?

The simple answere is its rarity. Good quality padparadscha gemstones are even rare.

Padparadscha sapphires are mainly found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Due to the high demand, gemstones mined are sold off very quickly and moved out of the market.

Unheated padparadscha sapphires are extreamly rare and expensive than heat treated padparadscha.

What makes padparadscha different from other sapphires?

Historically, this gemstones was identified based on its colours, a mix of pink and orange, which resemble the colour of the lotus flower. When padparadscha sapphires traded in places where the lotus flowers are not widely known, traders started to compare the colour with the colour of fresh salmon fish.

This unique colour is a result of a certain chemical composition in the sapphire crystals.

Now, the gemmological laboratories are able to measure the presence of these elements and also able to quantify the percentages of those. This measurements are used to identify the padparadscha sapphires.

This gives a deterministic scientific way of identifying padparadscha sapphires. However, when additional elements present in the gemstone, the padparadscha sapphires can have other colour shades as well.

How can I inspect my padparadscha sapphire?

As a 100% online business we do not operate any showrooms. However, we have offices and workshops in major cities where you can inspect sapphires before buy.

Also, we can send our sapphires to your address so that you can verify before we use them in your ring. You just have to keep a deposit until we get the sapphire back.

All our gemstones are handpicked for its beauty when set on an engagement ring. And we use high quality digital media to communicate the gemstone details. Therefore, if you are not after a specific colour shade it is perfectly ok to order your ring without any inspection.

How Long It Will Take To Deliver?

Our customers are asked to allow two-four weeks to deliver a custom made engagement ring. As every engagement ring is custom made. We do not stock pre-made rings.

Every engagement ring is custom made. We do not keep any pre-made rings.

We hold that alteration to pre-made rings/bands, diminishes the value of truly custom made jewellery.

During the crafting process our customers are free to choose the gemstones they like.

At Brilliyond, instances where we take a rough gemstone and cut and polish it for a design is not that rare.

However, if you need your engagement ring urgently, we can make arrangements for that as needed.

Can you source a special Padparadscha Sapphire for me?

Yes, we are one of the handful of companies in the would who can source a Padparadscha sapphire for a given specification within a very short time.

We have a good relationship with miners in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and our sister company www.naturalgemexchange.com is connected with thousands of gem merchants in Sri Lanka.

Please let us know your requirements and we will get the best you can expect.

Are your padparadscha sapphires ethically sourced?

Yes, all of our sapphires are eithically souced. We source them from Sri Lankan sapphire mines which are very small scale environment friendly operations.

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