Rubies are considered the queens of gemstones and are valued for their rich red hue. Rubies are precious stones which more than any other stone represent the colour red in the gemstone world. These conundrum type stones, receive the colour the presence of chromium element that is present within the atomic structure of the stone. In nature this element is quiet and its presence within conundrum crystals is rarer, which is why rubies are not found in many parts of the world, which drives up the value of this particular gemstone type. Rubies are known for possessing a number of attractive qualities: from high durability, distinct colour, a variety of tones of red, combined with the rarity of the gemstone and the greater perceived value of the stone. Rubies are also known for possessing a number of mystical qualities, which are valued in parts of the Subcontinent. Rubies are rarer than diamonds and are a great choice for fine jewellery, as ruby engagement rings are among the most popular today.