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Diamonds are the kings in the world of gemstones. They hold the top position, generally surpassing the value of all other gemstones.

Relative Abundance

Diamonds, despite their relative rarity, are generally more widely available than their main gemstone competitors, like sapphires and rubies.


Although diamonds are well-known as colourless gemtone, there are coloured diamonds and black diamonds as well.

Price of Diamonds

Diamond prices vary according to their quality. Which is measured according to the 4Cs of diamonds. Which can go from a few hundred dollars to virtually limitless.

Diamond Mining

Diamonds are mined from a number of top countries: notably South Africa, Russia, Canada and to a lesser extent Australia. Along with a number of African countries, notably Botswana.

What are Natural Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are mined directly from the Earth. Unlike man made diamonds, they form deep within the planet’s surface due to high heat and pressure. Natural diamonds are most sought after for their rarity, beauty and durability.

How are Diamonds Valued?

Diamond value is related to the 4Cs which are used to determine diamond quality. The 4Cs measures the diamond’s value according to its colour, carat, cut and clarity. Each of these factors work in combination, so these factors complement each other. Please check our Guide on 4Cs to learn more.

How are Diamonds Certified?

Diamonds are certified, first for their authenticity to ensure they are not fakes or artificial variants. Then diamonds are analysed for their diamond quality factors present in the 4Cs, which is usually carried out by reputable gem laboratories like the GIA.

What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

Conflict free diamonds are gemstones which are mined from areas whose profits do not fund conflicts that are conducted against the official or established governments. The world’s top diamond mining countries have all signed up to the Kimberley agreement.

The Main Strength of Diamonds?

Diamonds, are valued for their durability and beauty, but unlike their lab grown diamond counterparts natural diamonds are sought after for their rarity and natural character. As people today still demand naturally sourced gemstones.

Why Diamonds are Used in Making Fine Jewellery?

Diamonds have been used in the making of fine jewellery, a practice that goes back well over over thousand years, whose beauty has been recognised by cultures in both the East and the West, a practice that does seem like stopping.

What are Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

Fancy coloured diamonds are special diamond variants which naturally contain distinct hues: notably pink, blue and yellow, with a number of varying shades in between. They are extremely rare and expensive and mined only in a few regions.

Do you sell loose diamonds?

No, we do not sell loose diamonds.

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Diamonds or natural diamonds are carbon-based gemstones that are sourced directly from nature. They are the most popular and sought after type of gemstone in the world. Valued for their natural beauty, colour, glow and character, diamonds are the undisputed kings in the world of gemstones. Whilst many alternatives have emerged in recent times, from other diamond alternatives in the form of precious stones, diamond simulants and even artificial diamonds. The latter is a direct substitute for real diamonds, however, none can match the quality, presence and cultural demand of natural diamonds. Diamonds are often the top choice of the gemstone when it comes to engagement rings, and is perfectly reasonable. As diamond engagement rings are among the best in the business, as few gemstones are able to hit all key markers of value and quality along with cultural recognition as natural, white precious stones: diamonds