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Get a one of a kind design made by our award winning designers using these hand picked sapphire gemstone collections with unique colour combinations.

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What is the average price of a sapphire?

Our sapphire engagement ring price range starts from $1500 and goes all the way up to $100K.

Usually the size and the quality of the centre sapphire gemstone is the main determinant of the price of the ring.

The size of a sapphire is measured by its weight using the weight measuring unit called a carat. A carat is a one fifth of a gram.

Colour, clarity, cut, along with whether the sapphire is heated or unheated, and the country of origin are factors that determine its quality.

We recommend you pick a design and discuss your choice with us. To learn more about budget, ring design and other additions. We are here to help.

Wearing a Sapphire Everyday?

Sapphires are very durable. With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale.

So don’t worry about scratches, the effects of heat, light, and other common chemicals from ordinary daily usage.

For example, premium smart watches such as Apple and Garmin use lab-created sapphire crystal screens for scratch resistance.

You will manage fine with a simple occasional cleaning: As the brilliance of sapphires will last a lifetime.

How does our Custom Design Process Work?

Most orders are based on the designs showcased on our web site. Which are custom made after the order is placed.

If you want to go for a completely new design based on your ideas/preferences or based on any design you have encountered elsewhere, we will follow our custom design process. That will involve:

Discussing the design with you, then building multiple prototypes using CAD, until we find the one you approve.

This is followed by selection of a gemstone for the design based on your preferences. And confirmation of the price.

Finally, the ring is delivered according to your specifications.

Can I Choose The Gemstones Myself?

Yes you can. We understand that personal preferences are very important and work towards meeting them.

We do not just use the gemstones what we have. We encourage our customers to share what they want.

One of our unique services is the ability to pick the colour tone of your sapphire gemstone.

If we do not have the similar colour for example, we will source it from elsewhere, or even cut a new rough gemstone as per your requirements.

How Long It Will Take To Deliver?

Our customers are asked to allow two-four weeks to deliver a custom made engagement ring. As every engagement ring is custom made. We do not stock pre-made rings.

Every engagement ring is custom made. We do not keep any pre-made rings.

We hold that alteration to pre-made rings/bands, diminishes the value of truly custom made jewellery.

During the crafting process our customers are free to choose the gemstones they like.

At Brilliyond, instances where we take a rough gemstone and cut and polish it for a design is not that rare.

However, if you need your engagement ring urgently, we can make arrangements for that as needed.

Are Sapphires Rarer Than Diamonds?

Yes, sapphires are rare than diamonds. Especially high-quality, natural, unheated sapphires are extremely rare.

Certain varieties of sapphires such as Padparadscha Sapphires and Kashmir sapphires are exceptionally rare and hence command a premium price.

Can I use Auspost Parcel Collect?

Yes you can. We know that most often engagement rings are a surprise. We can ensure that the parcel can only be received by yourself by using post office collection services such Auspost Parcel Collect.

We also can hand deliver in most metro areas of Melbourne, Gold Coast in Australia and London, Nottingham in UK.

Just let us know your delivery preferences and we will arrange that for you.

What Is A Heated Sapphire?

Sapphires are often heat treated to enhance their properties, including their colour. The heating process simulated the natural processes which usually takes millions of years.

Rough sapphires are heated by placing them in an oven and kept for a few hours or days at temperatures ranging from 400 to 1600 degree Celsius.

The heating process simulated the natural processes which usually takes millions of years.

Heating removes undesirable inclusions, make the colour distribution more uniform, and sometimes can create the effect of asterism: reflecting a star-like shape on the stone.

Heat treatment is perfectly accepted method of enhancing the quality of natural sapphires.

The 6Cs of Sapphire

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Our Values and Ethics

Ethically Mined

Our sapphire gemstones are coming from environment friendly mining operations in Ceylon(Sri Lanka) where the well being of workers and protection of the natural environment is ensured.

We do not Hard Sell

We believe in some good old ways of doing business built on genuine trust. Buying a piece of jewellery is just the starting point in a long and supportive relationship between you and Brilliyond.

Giving Back

We give back to the nature. We promote sustainable mining operations by educating the mining community.

Original Art

We value originality in our designs. Our in house, award winning design team is committed to ensuring quality and uniqueness of our products.

Make Everyone Smile

At the end of the day we want a smile on eveyone's face.



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Custom Design Process

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Step 2: Designing

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Step 4: Delivery

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The most affordable Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Rings in Australia

This unique sapphire engagement ring collection showcases the best Ceylon Sapphire engagement rings you can buy online in Australia. Our sapphire gemstones are directly sourced from ethical mining operations in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Our Sapphire Engagement Rings are made in our own workshops in Sri Lanka with the help of the most modern technologies available to jewellery crafting. This allows us to find the best gemstones for very competitive prices for you.

We have a large collection of natural sapphires in different shades of Blue, Pink, Yellow White, and many other colours. Blue sapphires are the most popular colour for engagement rings. However, we found that there is an increasing demand for other colours as well, especially pink sapphires. Please check this sapphire gemstones page to get an idea of the wonderful world of sapphire colours. Our sister company, the "Natural Gem Exchange" is sourcing the top quality sapphire for brands around the world. Therefore, when you buy a sapphire engagement ring from Brilliyond, you will get access to one of the largest sapphire inventories in the world.

When you finally decide to buy your engagement ring to win her heart forever, Brilliyond offers a very wide range of original engagement ring designs. You can choose a design that will perfectly match your elegant taste, budget and lifestyle. You can see 360-degree videos of any of our engagement ring designs. All of these designs are original designs done by our own designers. We use cutting edge CAD (Computer-Aided Design) / CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technologies for designing and manufacturing.

Shop For Natural Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Rings and Natural Sapphire Jewellery at Your Home

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring for a proposal or looking to reward yourself with a stunning sapphire ring, we made the process very easy by offering thousands of designs on our website. Also, you can schedule a virtual appointment with us to discuss your requirement. We can help you to choose a design and a matching sapphire gemstone for your ring.

We custom made your engagement ring and deliver it within 2-4 weeks time. If you need a ring with sapphire urgently, please let us know and we can streamline the process.

Please start browsing our sapphire engagement ring collection. We are always there to assist you and please contact us via online chat, email, or phone.