Pink Sapphire(0.990ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.590ct)

Natural Un-heated Pink Sapphire 1.52ct

Natural Padparadscha Peach Sapphire (1.64ct)

Natural Pink Sapphire (1.14ct)

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha Sapphire 1.22ct

Pink Sapphire(0.680ct)

Natural Pink Sapphire (1.00ct)

Pink Sapphire (1.030ct)

Natural Un-heated Pink Sapphiree (1.090ct)

Pink Sapphiree (1.030ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.410ct)

Natural Un-heated Pink Sapphire 0.750ct

Pink Sapphiree (0.720ct)

Padparadscha (0.680ct)

Padparadscha (0.580ct)

Natural Un-heated Pink Sapphire 0.96ct

Natural PInk Sapphire (1.37ct)

Padparadscha (1.110ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.860ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.770ct)

Natural Pink Sapphire (0.57ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.490ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.310ct)

Purple Sapphire (0.850ct)

Padparadscha (0.620ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.700ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.500ct)

Padparadscha (0.670ct)

Pink Sapphiree (0.970ct)

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Bi-Colour Sapphire(0.940ct)

Natural Purple Sapphire 0.97ct

Padparadscha (0.680ct)

Padparadscha (0.560ct)

Pink Sapphire(1.010ct)

Padparadscha (0.530ct)

Natural Padparadscha 2.35ct

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha 1.05ct

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha 1.1ct

Natural Pink Sapphire 1.110ct (6.30x5.61x4.18)

Natural Pink Sapphire 1.070ct (6.13x5.32x4.14)

Pink sapphires are rising in popularity under the category of sapphires, but also among gemstones in general. As a greater number of people are drawn to its attractive colour, that ranges from the lighter version of pink to deeper cherry coloured tones. The growth in demand for pink sapphire has been due to a number of factors. First, owing to the general rise in demand for coloured sapphire varieties: where people are expressing a growing desire for showcasing different coloured stones. From their choice of engagement rings, necklaces to pendants. Two, the rise in popularity of rose gold jewellery has indirectly contributed to the demand for pink sapphires. Where pink sapphires, have been viewed as a natural complement to rose gold metal, and more broadly to rose gold colour in general use. The value of pink sapphire jewellery lies with the kind of meaning it carries for the wearer: For it is a colour that can be viewed as a sign of romance and femininity.