Yellow Sapphire 3.3ct

Green Sapphire(1.520ct)

Blue Sapphire 1.6ct

Party Sapphire 1.14ct

Un-heated Violet Sapphire (0.99ct)

Blue Sapphire 1.99ct

Blue Sapphire 2.9ct

Gemstone 115282

Yellow Sapphire 3.3ct

Gemstone 115300

Boysenberry natural oval pink sapphire

Blue Sapphire (0.35ct)

Purplish blue natural sapphire

White Sapphire(1.070ct)

Gemstone 115334

Rectangular cushion royal blue natural blue s...

Blue Sapphire (0.33ct)

Gemstone 115273

Gemstone 115271

Vivid Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Gemstone 115264

Oval deep blue natural sapphire

Gemstone 115302

Yellow Sapphire(0.760ct)

Gemstone 115138

Round cut cornflower blue natural blue sapphi...

Gemstone 115308

Yellow Sapphire(2.170ct)

Gemstone 115337

Gemstone 115277

Gemstone 115312

Yellow Sapphire(0.950ct)

Gemstone 115317

Golden Yellow Natural Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire 1.99ct

Natural Golden Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Gemstone 115320

Gemstone 115318

Gemstone 115275

Gemstone 115305

Green Sapphire(1.520ct)

Gemstone 115279

Gemstone 115297

Gemstone 115295

Cherry pink oval shape natural pink sapphire

Gemstone 115278

Gemstone 115290

Royal blue oval natural blue sapphire

Blue Sapphire (1.16ct)

Gemstone 115330

Gemstone 115327

Gemstone 115329

White Sapphire(1.810ct)

Gemstone 115283

Yellow Sapphire(0.880ct)

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Why they are Different

Sapphires are some of the most popular gemstone varieties in the world, second only to that of diamonds. In case you’re wondering why? Sapphires are valued for many reasons as precious stones: From their very high hardness, which is second, only to that of diamonds, scoring number 9 on the Mohs scale. Sapphire gemstones as highly durable stones are an ideal option for those who want their fine jewellery to last a lifetime. It may interest you to know that sapphire gemstones are actually rarer than diamonds in terms of overall supply and availability. Hence there is a deeper sense of value makes to these sapphire stones.

The Varying Value of Sapphires

However, that does not mean it is not possible to get your hands on good quality sapphires, as sapphires stones are sourced from many parts of the world. So if you can find the right jeweller, who can provide quality gemstones for the right price, then there are bargains out there for there: from those who are seeking a precious stone as a gift option, to even engagement rings. Whilst there’s greater availability of lower-grade sapphire in the market today, but when it comes to top-tier sapphires: those with high carat, and low inclusions, and great colour good quality sapphires are rarer and command a great price. 

The Colour in Sapphires Stones

Sapphires are a precious stone that comes in a range of colours. A gemstone variety that arguably has the largest range in colours. Besides the famous blue sapphire, sapphires stones come in pink, white, yellow; and even orange and green. Basically, you can get natural sapphires in virtually any colour you can think of. As the unique colours, the natural sapphire gemstone is defined by the presence of various minerals. As each of these coloured stones carries a specific advantage. Notably, white sapphires are considered to be the best alternative for diamonds, since they are colourless. Pink sapphires are a great match for rose gold jewellery.

In addition to the popular colours, one can also find them in very dark variants. Varieties such as "Kaka Nil (means blue like a crow)" is a sapphire that appears in opaque to black to the naked eye, and the blue colour is only visible, under a very bright beam of light. Since colour is a key feature in sapphires, their presence and relationship to value work differently from that of diamonds. For example, even among blue sapphires, certain blue sapphire varieties such as cornflower blue sapphire and royal blue sapphires are valued differently due to certain subtle factors. For even with the same hue, the colour characteristics of sapphire gemstones can vary based on the intensity of the colour. Some love the darker and deeper look and others like light shaded. But the middle range is considered better than the extremes, however, sapphires that are highly vivid are valued higher.

Then there are unique colour varieties in sapphires. Notable here is the "Padparadscha Sapphire'. Considered as the top-notch sapphires variety, this gemstone can be visually distinguished by its unique colour range, which resembles the colours of a lotus flower and the colours of a tropical sunset. Another magnificent feature of sapphires is that some of them come in two or more colours. Called bi-colour sapphires or ‘parti sapphires’. Notable here is the Australian teal sapphires, as they come with a mix of blue, green, and yellow in them. Some colour combinations of bi-colour sapphires are very unique.

Sapphire Stones Are Here to Say

There’s so much more we can do about these gemstones. Sapphires as one of the top 4 gemstones in the world, with growing popularity, is now even challenging diamonds for dominance in the precious stone market. At Brilliyond we have a large range of natural sapphire gemstones in different colours, shapes, sizes, and different qualities. Here, we are only showcasing a few of those just to showcase the options available for your engagement ring. Please contact us and share your ideas on what kind of sapphire you want in your engagement ring.