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Purplish blue natural sapphire

Golden Yellow Natural Sapphire Gemstone

Green Natural Sapphire Gemstone

Vivid Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Golden Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Mekong Sapphire Gemstone

Natural round purple sapphire

Rectangular cushion royal blue natural blue s...

Boysenberry natural oval pink sapphire

Royal blue natural round blue sapphire

Magenta pink oval natural pink sapphire

Round cut cornflower blue natural blue sapphi...

Cherry pink oval shape natural pink sapphire

Oval deep blue natural sapphire

Round cusion cut natural cornflower blue sapp...

Oval royal blue natural sapphire

Hot rose pink natural oval pink sapphire

Royal blue oval natural blue sapphire

Baby fuchsia oval shaped natural baby pink sa...

Fire orange oval shaped natural orange sapphi...

Round royal blue natural blue sapphire

Cherry pink and orage colour natural party sa...

Hot pink oval shape natural sapphire

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