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In the world of fine jewellery, simplicity combined with affordability is better than complexity and cost. Getting the right engagement and wedding ring for you, which are at the top of the list of fine jewellery, can be a daunting task. For getting one right in a single go, usually, the engagement ring, may seem simple enough, but why should one go for the purchase of two, as a part of a bridal set? Well, we’re here to make the case for why bridal sets are a great option, and in the process inform you of the key points you need to consider when going for a top-quality bridal set, one that fits your high expectations.

Bridal Set Rings

Bridal sets package both the wedding ring and the engagement ring and are sold together. The bridal set, in line with the word (bridal), only provides the wedding ring and the engagement ring that goes on the finger of the bride. Hence it is important to not confuse bridal sets with wedding ring sets. As the latter considers both sexes. The two units that make up a bridal set are the engagement ring and wedding ring. Whilst the particular requirements of the wedding ring and the engagement ring will vary according to specifications; when going for a bridal set, one is able to combine the research, customer service experience, and the information sharing process between the jeweller and you. This provides a greater degree of clarity on your expectations when it comes to both rings, which would eventually make up the bridal set. For if the rings are not purchased together at once, they must ultimately be purchased separately later.

Features & Advantages of Bridal Sets

One may ask, why both splitting the two purchase. Why not go for each, the engagement and the wedding ring, separately. Since the aim of putting the two together is to simplify the process of buying both jewellery items, there is the tendency to think that this might complicate the process further. Would it not be simple to just buy one item at a time? The answer to this comes down to a number of factors, including the cost of the items. First, when one decides on an engagement ring, the expectation is that this will naturally lead to the purchase of a wedding ring down the line. Provided the engagement goes well, the process of getting a top-quality wedding ring will start soon. If you are confident of your desired outcome, a bridal set, which combines a wedding ring with an engagement ring would be the wiser choice for a number of reasons. First, the price. When both the engagement and wedding rings are purchased together, you the buyer, stand to gain a meaningful discount. If price is not a sufficient motivator, note that the engagement and wedding rings are meant to go together: so the need for both rings to match or at least complement one another in terms of colour, tone, design additions and even gemstone placements (in case your wedding ring is one that contains precious stones) is important.

Then there is the convenience factor. The process of buying a fine jewellery item is not always simple. And depending on the jeweller in question, things may not always go as smooth. So when it comes to rings that are meant to go together, by going for a bridal set, where both rings are ordered from the same jeweller, at the same time, the measurements, fitting and even colour character of the rings are made to match each other perfectly. As jewellery experts will tell you, the colour tone of the rings, even those of the same colour may not always be perfectly identical. Due to time, environment and the alloy content of the metal from which the bands are made, their outward character is likely to change. Thus a combined purchase of both rings, with settings and design features selected in advance will help avoid these concerns. This brings us to the subject of the colour of the metal bands the rings are made of.

Rose Gold and White Gold Bridal Sets

Bridal sets, like the wedding and engagement, come in colours that match the metal type of the band. The most popular metal when it comes to wedding and engagement rings is of course gold. With some competition from platinum and to a lesser extent from sterling silver options. Interestingly, silver bridal sets are starting to gain traction in recent times. When it comes to rose gold and white gold bridal sets, their strength lies in the quality of the offerings. Given the popularity of these metal colours in the wedding and engagement ring market, more jewellers are starting to offer bridal set options. So the challenge lies in getting through to the best quality variants.

3 Piece Wedding Rings Sets

Things are always changing in the world of wedding jewellery, and the adoption of a 3 piece wedding ring set is one such development. As the norms when it comes to relationships, courting, and marriage have evolved over the decades, so have the manner in which love, commitment is communicated. The 3 piece wedding set ring set is an interesting addition to the fine jewellery range. Where a third ring enters the equation, in addition to the central wedding and engagement rings. The reasons for which this third ring, which is worn by the bride, varies; however, the key message that is communicated by the third ring, is unity. 3 piece wedding rings sets or trio wedding ring sets as they are known, are meant to be a symbol of the couple’s commitment to one another, but one that is taken to another, higher level. The placement of the rings in the 3 piece wedding ring set may vary. Often, the wedding ring is worn at the end, followed by an engagement ring in the middle, and closed off by the third ring, which is nearer to the tip of the finger. Interestingly the design of the third ring may vary. Sometimes eternity rings are used as a part of the 3 piece wedding ring set, making it all the more memorable.

Top Quality Bridal Sets From Australia

In a time where there are a number of jewellery companies vying for the attention of customers across the world, at Brilliyond our philosophy is to provide the best quality product, with the best support service. Whether it is bridal set wedding rings, engagement rings or any other fine jewellery item you may desire, we pride ourselves on putting your satisfaction first. From the start through to the end, and even after the purchase is made. Fine jewellery items like wedding and engagement rings are a purchase for life, hence it is important that you get this right the first time. And with our top quality bridal set offering from Australia, one that is also aimed at the international market, you stand to gain the very best. Feel free to contact us on 1300 186 315 for more information.