Natural Padparadscha Peach Sapphire (1.64ct)

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha Sapphire 1.22ct

Padparadscha (0.680ct)

Padparadscha (0.580ct)

Padparadscha (1.110ct)

Padparadscha (0.620ct)

Padparadscha (0.670ct)

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Padparadscha (0.680ct)

Padparadscha (0.560ct)

Padparadscha (0.530ct)

Natural Padparadscha 2.35ct

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha 1.05ct

Natural Un-heated Padparadscha 1.1ct

Natural Padparadscha 1.190ct (6.10x5.22x4.12)

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Natural Un-heated Peach Sapphire (1.020ct)

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Natural Padparadscha Peach Sapphire (1.64ct)

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire...

Natural Un-heated Peach Padparadscha Sapphire

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.130ct (6.91x5.43x3....

Natural Other Sapphire 1.320ct (7.16x5.59x3.9...

What Makes Padparadscha Sapphires Special?

The Padparadscha Sapphire is a top of the line gemstone, and is often referred to as the "King of Sapphires". Among one of the rarest gemstones in the world, the Padparadscha sapphire is a very rare variant in the corundum gemstone family. Known for its distinct hues, the gem gets is named after the lotus flower, particularly a unique shade that shines with a unique pink-to-orange glow, that is most visible during the morning sun. The Padparadscha colour is its defining feature. Whilst natural Padparadscha sapphires are now being found in other countries, the most authentic and arguably the best types are believed to be sourced only from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The Ceylon Padparadscha with its distinct hue combines well with all other sapphire stones, which is notable in rings with multiple stones. And its rose-tinted hue means it combines well with all metals types: including white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, and importantly rose gold. For like the distinct colour of the rose gold precious metal, one that combines well with virtually all skin tones, the Padparadscha is a great gemstone all-rounder.

Why Go For Padparadscha Engagement Rings

When choosing an engagement ring, there is a number of factors that work into this equation: From the style of the ring, the type of metal band, the type and colour of the gemstone, and arguably most importantly, its price. Padparadscha Engagement rings are at the top of the sapphire engagement rings range, owing to their distinct colour, an extreme rarity, two key factors that determine the value of engagement rings, provided the ring meets the high standards when it comes to clarity, cut, and carat; the other key factors that determine gemstone quality. When it comes to choosing a Padparadscha engagement ring, besides the aesthetic strengths the main reason for purchasing them is to stand out. In the world of gemstones and that of fine jewellery in general, a key factor that drives demand is the need to stand out, they want on part of the customer to set his/her choice and him/herself from the rest.

Your Top Source for Padparadscha Sapphires Australia

High-quality Padparadscha sapphires with their distinct colour, and variety of tones (as there is more than one), when found with high clarity, are very rare. Especially Padparadscha sapphires that are found in higher carats are even rare, with result that the prices of such Padparadscha sapphire stones can be 2 -3 times that of similar quality pink sapphire stones. So for the Australian customer, who wishes to get hold of a wonderful but rare gem-quality Padparadscha sapphire, Brilliyond is the way forward: As a leading provider of sapphire based jewellery, and an array of other gemstones, including diamonds, and notably sapphires sourced from Ceylon, where the Padparadscha were sourced from. So when you choose to pay a premium price for this rare gemstone, you are paying for a very rare gem that is sourced naturally from Earth. Given its rarity, laboratory tests are mandatory to confirm whether such a sapphire is a Padparadscha. As there is a tendency to confuse pink sapphires, which are beautiful and popular, but they do not match the quality and distinction of the Padparadscha sapphire. So even if you think you have gotten hold of a sapphire that has the Padparadscha colour, a gemological test should be carried out to confirm its authenticity. We at Brilliyond specialise in providing certified, gem-quality Padparadscha sapphires. 

Custom Padparadscha Sapphire Ring 

The choice to go with a precious Padparadscha sapphire ring is for that its rarity and colour, whilst Padparadscha sapphire rings come in a variety of designs, but given its premium colour and rarity, it is a great choice for those who are wise to go for a more custom design option. Custom engagement rings are increasingly popular in the world of fine jewellery: where customers wish to bring and incorporate their own ideas into the making of their very own engagement ring. If you are wishing to learn more about Padparadscha sapphire rings for more information regarding getting a customer Padparadscha sapphire engagement rings, there is more information available on the padparadscha sapphire education page for more technical information about this gemstone. And if you are interested, and want to get hold of your own Padparadscha sapphire rings, then why not give us a call on 1300 186 315 or book a virtual appointment to get your journey to wonderful Padparadscha sapphire started.