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The most important thing in getting a custom engagement ring made is how flexible and friendly the process. Also, whether it can cater for all the imaginations you have. The design, the gemstone or the diamond, the budget, and the delivery and after-sales services should all be tailored to your needs. Your custom engagement ring partner should have the technology, equipment, and material to deliver a world-class masterpiece, and with world-class customer service too. At Brilliyond, your design will be done by international award-winning designers. We use the best jewellery crafting technologies available and premium gold alloys and platinum. And above all, our customer service people will make sure you will get a first-class experience. Schedule a virtual appointment now or just drop an email,

Selecting Diamonds or Sapphires for Custom Engagement Rings

The centre stone is the heart of your custom engagement ring. It can be a gorgeous diamond, or a precious coloured stone such as a vibrant sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Also, it is very common to go for alternative beauties such as aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, tourmaline, or any other colourful gemstone variety. The centre stone allows you to easily adjust the budget of your custom engagement ring. We have access to hundreds of thousands of diamonds of all kinds of quality gradings and also we have our own in house inventory of thousands of sapphire gemstones. We can help you to pick your gemstone first and then design a custom engagement ring around it.

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Gemstone Colour Selection for Custom Engagement Rings

We are coloured stone specialists. This may be one of the reasons you are visiting us. Over the past few years, Brilliyond has become one of the best places to shop coloured stone custom engagement rings. Not only you can choose the colour of the gemstone, but you also can ask for a particular colour shade. For example, you can ask for royal blue sapphire, cornflower blue sapphire, light blue sapphire, baby pink sapphire, hot pink sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, golden yellow sapphire, canary yellow sapphire etc. and we have them.

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Metal Selection for Custom Engagement Rings

The choice of metal for your custom engagement ring has several implications. First, the colour of the metal itself and how the colour complements the gemstone of your choice. Then, the purity of metal adds a value dimension as well as how strong and malleable the metal. High karat gold is less strong than low karat gold. 18K gold maximises both of these aspects with its high value and strength. Platinum is a good alternative to white gold which is stronger than white gold. Another option is to go for a two-tone custom engagement ring where we use more than one metal colour in the design.

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Additional Features for Custom Engagement Rings

Here are few other options and features you should never miss. The idea is not about getting as many features in your custom engagement ring as you can. But carefully understand the use and value of each feature and pick the right ones you want.

What are the parts of your Custom Engagement Ring

Once you visualise your custom engagement ring, it is very critical that you explain it to the designers. We will work with you to understand what you are in your mind. However, knowing some nomenclature will be very helpful.

The Center Stone

Centre stone is the most prominent gemstone which is usually set at the top centre of the ring.

Accent Stones

These stones are used to accent the centre stone. Usually used as a halo setting around the centre stone or on the band.

Side Stones

The secondary stones at either side of the centre stone, common in three-stone settings.


Another name for the band, the metal part which goes around your finger.


Holds the stones, particularly the centre stone.


A stamp indicating the purity of the metal.


Letters or numbers engraved inside the shank.


The top part of the ring sits on the shank including the centre stones and the bridge.

Custom Engagement Rings Usability Facts

Width of the Band

The wider the band the tighter it feels. A narrow band can have a slight play unless made a bit tightly.

Elevated Centre Stone

Risk of damage due to exposure. Not suitable if you want to engage in activities while wearing.

Gemstone Durability

Diamonds, sapphire, and rubies are very durable and well suitable for engagement rings.


If you go for a very delicate custom engagement ring, it is better to get the size correctly because resizing can be challenging.

General Wear and Tear

Engagement rings need maintenance. Contact us immediately if you feel the stones are getting lose.

Custom Design Process

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