Diamond Alternatives

Diamond alternatives can provide a similar value proposition as diamonds

Diamond Alternatives

Affordable Quality

The main appeal of diamond alternatives are that they combine the wonderful qualities of a precious stone, combined with the cheaper price they tend to command.

Choice of Colour

Diamond alternatives combine in a number of different hues and tones. Since diamonds are generally colourless, these provide a greater addition to a range of choices.


The great strength of diamond alternatives is that they combine well with diamonds: natural or lab grown.

Unique Characteristics

Diamond alternatives tend to carry distinct attributes. Whilst diamonds are noted for their high durability and hardness, other stones like sapphires may carry unique features like star effects.


It may interesting to note that some diamond alternatives are actually rarer (and potentially more valuable) than diamonds. Notably sapphires and rubies.

What are Diamond Alternatives?

Diamond alternatives are gemstones that can act as a replacement for the carbon based gemstones, and have distinct chemical character to that of real diamonds.

What are Popular Diamond Alternatives?

Top diamond alternatives are gemstones which have comparable qualities to real diamonds, notably there are white sapphires, moissanite, and morganites. Generally gemstones which are lighter in colour tend to compete with diamonds, which are colourless.

Are Diamond Alternative Valuable?

The value of diamond alternatives will depend on the type and quality of the gemstone. With white sapphires being expensive than other diamond alternatives.

Why Choose Diamond Alternatives?

Generally prices is the main consideration. Since diamonds are more expensive than other precious stones, and those who are looking for a more affordable option tend to look for diamond alternatives, or because they prefer a different stone.

Diamond Alternatives Vs Diamond Simulants?

Diamond alternatives are not diamonds but they are natural gemstones. Diamond simulants (such as Cubic Zirconia) are cheaper, often more synthetic variants, which ‘simulate’ the qualities of diamonds.

Can you Combine Diamonds with Diamond Alternatives?

Absolutely. Often people like to have the best of both worlds, and certain jewellery types like three stone engagement rings encourages the use of diamonds and other diamond alternatives. So you can have the best of both worlds.

Measuring the Quality of Diamond Alternatives?

This is where things get tricky, as the way gemstones, which are not diamonds, are measured differently from diamonds. Non diamond gemstones often don’t have the reputable certification system that diamonds do (e.g. 4Cs). However diamond alternative do have own measures, which are carried out by reputable jewellery companies.

Will Diamond Alternatives Replace Diamonds?

Not anytime soon. Diamonds have been around for a long time, and the signs are they will be here for a long time to come. Diamonds are a ‘girls best friend’, and according to some ‘are forever’. So diamonds will be top choice for fine jewellery.

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In the world of gemstones, diamonds rule the seas. They are the most recognized, the most valued and generally the most popular choice for the making of fine jewellery like engagement rings. However, diamonds are not the only top gemstones in town. A number of other top gemstones have been popular options that have been valued for their rarity, colours, and special characteristics. Some of which are similar, different and in some cases simply better than their diamond alternatives. The notable candidates are sapphires, emeralds, rubies and to a lesser extent amethysts-the purple gemstones. However, when it comes to genuine diamond alternatives, buyers generally seek gemstones that contain characteristics that are similar to diamonds. This is important, as one of the factors that drive gemstone purchase is cost and preference. So gemstones that can exhibit such qualities stand out, notable here is the white sapphire, a top competitor for diamonds, and a diamond alternative, with the popular fine jewellery type, the white sapphire engagement ring.