Yellow Sapphire 1.7ct (7.01X5.53X4.93mm)

Yellow Sapphire 0.860ct (5.74X4.76X3.58mm)

Yellow Sapphire 1.0ct (6.78X4.97X3.51mm)

Yellow Sapphire 3.3ct

Golden Yellow Sapphire 1.55ct (7.91x5.52x3.98...

Natural Golden Yellow Sapphire 2.3 carat (9.1...

Yellow Sapphire 0.7 Carat (7.11X4.72X2.69mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 2.0ct (7.82x5.78x4.50...

Yellow Sapphire 1.7 Carat (7.01X5.53X4.93mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 2.4ct (7.82x7.56x5.27...

Natural Yellow Sapphire 0.9ct (6.03x5.10x3.13...

Yellow Sapphire (0.870ct)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.52ct (6.45x5.36x4.9...

Yellow Sapphire(1.610ct)

Yellow Sapphire 0.9 Carat (5.60X5.57X3.71mm)

Yellow Sapphire 0.6ct (5.44X5.41X2.91mm)

Yellow Sapphire (0.8 Carat) (5.74X4.76X3.58mm)

Yellow Sapphire 1.0ct (5.96X5.89X3.76mm)

Yellow Sapphire(0.950ct)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.1ct (6.91x5.43x3.54...

Un-heated Brown Sapphire 1.1ct (5.79X5.57X3.7...

Yellow Sapphire 1.0 Carat (6.74X4.87X3.92mm)

Yellow Sapphire 1.0 Carat (6.82X4.80X3.85mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.0ct (6.25x6.21x3.34...

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.1 carat (6.49x4.76x...

Orange Sapphire 0.5 Carat (5.30X4.19X3.12 mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.5ct (7.14x5.35x4.08...

Yellow Sapphire 2.1ct (7.44X7.36X5.04mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 0.9ct (6.84x4.74x3.37...

Yellow Sapphire(2.170ct)

Yellow Sapphire 0.9ct (6.83X4.41X3.14mm)

Natural Golden Yellow Sapphire 1.7 carat (8.4...

Yellow Sapphire 1.0 Carat (6.78X4.97X3.51mm)

Yellow Sapphire 1.6ct (7.34X7.32X4.13mm)

Yellow Sapphire 0.8ct (5.32X5.30X3.75mm)

Yellow Sapphire 1.3 Carat (6.12X6.12X4.14mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.6ct (7.37x5.82x4.55...

Yellow Sapphire(0.870ct)

Yellow Sapphire 0.8ct (6.03X4.98X3.14mm)

Yellow Sapphire 0.8ct (6.19X6.14X3.18mm)

Natural Yellow Sapphire 1.1ct (6.35x4.64x4.01...

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Yellow sapphires are corundum crystals that contain the same atomic structure as traditional blue sapphires. The difference lies in the prevalence of external elements that affect the manner in which crystal reacts with light. Yellow sapphires are valued for their distinct colour, as they bring together the traditional advantages of choosing a corundum based gemstone with its high degree of hardness, light reflectivity, and element of luxury that is naturally associated with this type of gemstone. Yellow sapphires are anisotropic in character, arguably more so than other sapphire colour variants, which means their ability reflect light varies depending on the angle from which they are being viewed. Yellow sapphire, owing to the warmer colour tend to combine well with yellow gold metals. In a time when white gold and platinum jewellery dominate, along with colourless gemstones, yellow sapphires are a warming addition to the coloured gemstone category, particular for those seeking a fine jewellery item like a yellow sapphire engagement ring

What Makes Yellow Sapphires Yellow

For those interested in purchasing this type of gemstone, As a starting point, one may wonder what gives yellow sapphire stones their distinct colour. It is important to note that corundum in their natural state (α-Al20O3) are colourless. The colour in the gemstone emerges as a result of other elements like iron Fe and titanium Ti that are present in minute percentages in the gemstone. Through a process known as charge transfer, where the electrons in the gemstone and external environment swap. This occurs during the process of development of the gemstone in the metamorphic rocks, where they originate. The swapping of the ions from platinum and iron, which exist as external elements change the light reflecting capacity of the gemstones. It is important to note that these additions are infinitesimal. However, their impacts are significant in terms of their effects. Whilst these elements change the colour and light-reflecting character of the gemstone they don’t change its underlying character. Yellow sapphire is still fundamentally sapphire, an authentic corundum based gemstone. Maybe not the most popular, but distinct and valuable.

Why Choose Yellow Sapphire Stones

Yellow sapphires whilst not as popular as the blue, are up there in terms of perceived value as the other top sapphire colours. Locking horns with the white and the highly popular pink variants in the sapphire gemstone range. Yellow sapphires are popular first due to their distinct colour. In the industry, for yellow gemstones, there are a number of different gemstone types that contain this hue. Notable examples include gemstone-like: citrine, topaz, tourmaline, and transparent opal, and of course sapphires. The gemstone in this range falls into the precious to the semi-precious category. With their value ranging from highly affordable to somewhat expensive. Particular when measured against other qualities that determined a gemstone's value, such as clarity, cut, carat. Then there is the question of accessibility, how soon can you get hold of a quality yellow gemstone, one that measures against the various quality factors listed above, in relation to price and a guarantee of its authenticity. In this scenario, which is probably where many people who are seeking a quality yellow gemstone are likely to be, the yellow sapphire emerges as the top choice. Now one can also go for broke (quite literally) and go on a hunt for yellow diamonds: carbon-based gemstones that fall into the fancy diamonds category. Yellow diamonds whilst more abundant (relatively speaking) in relation to other fancy coloured stones are immensely more expensive, especially at a higher carat. This means the yellow sapphires holds that important middle ground, balancing value, rarity, durability and affordability.

The Meaning of Yellow Sapphires

The decision to choose a yellow sapphire can come down to a number of reasons. One may purchase a yellow sapphire to possess it as a precious gemstone or to be used as a part of desired jewellery. Whatever the reason may be, buying a quality yellow sapphire could go beyond personal and aesthetic preferences. What one finds meaningful is often subjective, and the special value one may attach to a gemstone, yellow sapphire or otherwise depends on the person's beliefs, tastes, special interests or even the country or culture of origin. A part of the world where yellow sapphire and its related corundum gemstone type that comes in orange, are highly popular in the subcontinent. Hindu traditions, notably those who are strong in the astrological school placing a premium on this type of gemstone. Which is associated with the planet Jupiter that is believed to bring wisdom and future prosperity. For those who are less into the mystical, yellow sapphires, and yellow gemstones, in general, are associated with a new beginning: like the hopeful new light of the morning sun, wearing a yellow gemstone can be the mark of something new. A warm hopeful beginning to a brighter future. To learn more about yellow sapphire education, and about corundum gemstones in general check out our dedicated Education pages.

Types of Yellow Sapphires

There are more than a single type of yellow sapphire. Whilst yellow remains the dominant hue in the corundum based gemstone, their presence in terms of strength and vividity various from gemstone to gemstone. The is due to a host of factors, notably the fluoresce of the gemstone and the manner in which it interacts with light may give rise to varying shades of darker yellow to light orange shades, that bring it closer to darker tones.