White Sapphire(1.070ct)

White Sapphire(1.810ct)

White Sapphire(1.180ct)

In an era where white gold is rising in the ranks when it comes fine jewellery, the growth in popularity of white sapphires was to be expected. A finely cut white sapphire is a sight to behold! Whose capacity to reflect light and glitter challenges the glow of even high-end diamonds. White sapphires owing to their colour are considered as a natural challenger to diamonds. As colourless stones, diamonds base their value on their transparent and light reflecting qualities. A well cut white sapphire, placed in the right jewellery setting can exhibit those same qualities. White sapphires are a great option to be paired with white gold jewellery, as they each accentuate their character. So white sapphires are no longer simply a secondary choice for those seeking diamond alternatives. As a colourless gemstone with high level of hardness, it combines well with other precious stones, including other sapphire varieties. Such as in two stone engagement rings, or with multi-stone necklaces and earrings. With white sapphires the options are many.