White Sapphire(1.070ct)

White Sapphire(1.810ct)

White Sapphire(1.180ct)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.340ct(6.31x6.31x4.18)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.570ct(7.36x7.36x3.78)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.370ct(6.32x6.28x4.34)

Natural WhiteSapphire 0.820ct(5.68x4.90x3.61)

Natural WhiteSapphire 0.950ct(6.09x4.99x3.74)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.920ct(7.47x6.15x4.55)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.320ct(6.50x6.18x3.56)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.220ct(7.78x5.81x3.54)

Natural WhiteSapphire 0.670ct(5.61x5.62x3.19)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.440ct(6.88x6.29x3.79)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.260ct(6.11x5.64x4.56)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.220ct(7.28x5.58x3.78)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.670ct(7.59x6.44x3.84)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.500ct(7.15X6.18X3.86)

Natural WhiteSapphire 1.110ct(7.55X5.23X3.27)

If you are looking for a top of the line white sapphires as gemstones or as part of gemstone jewellery like engagement rings, then you are in the right place. Browse through our expansive inventory of white sapphire gemstones, which includes the white variant of the corundum gemstones that come in a number of tones and shades. White sapphires are a newer addition to the sapphire range, as the colourless or white stones are unique in the world of non-carbon-based stones, owing to the absence of distinct hues. White sapphire are the top gemstone of choice that function as diamond alternatives when it comes to fine jewellery. White sapphires are a natural alternative owing to their colourless character and greater affordability. White sapphires get their colour, or the lack thereof, owing to the absence of trace minerals like titanium that gives stones in this range their particular hue. Hence white sapphire can be considered the purer version in the sapphire family. 

If you are in the market for gem-quality stones that are authentic, source from nature, then look no further. Our range of gemstones are is all-natural sourced from mines in sapphire producing countries, primarily from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). All of our white sapphires are certified by expert gemologists, and for buyers seeking reports on their choice of gemstones, these can be made available on request. Our white sapphire gemstone range features come in a number of shades: from stones that features a stronger white tone to those which are closer to being transparent. Our white sapphires are the best in business, as we have access to the rich sources of sapphires from the gem island of Ceylon: stones that come in a variety of sizes, and tones with varying levels of clarity that can meet your budget requirements. Our white sapphires stones can be found in carrots ranging from 0.5 carats and lower to over 1.00 and 1.5 carats.

All of the white stones here are natural: meaning they are not lab grown. For those who are interested, lab grown stones are technically sapphires, but they are not sourced from the natural world. In case you want to get hold of a lab grown white sapphire, let us know by calling us at 1300 186 315 and we can make it happen. Also if you are in the market for gemstones from a certain part of the world: for example if you are an Australian buyer, who wants to buy sapphires sourced from Australia, that too can be arranged. As an Australia based company, we are well placed to provide sapphire sourced from the land down under.

Finally, when it comes to buyer expectations, as a fine jewellery company we are well placed to determine and meet the varied needs of gemstone seekers. If you are in the market for cut white sapphires, rough polished white sapphire stones, or as white sapphires gemstone from this range that you wish to be part of an engagement ring or bridal set, then just let us know. As we have the capabilities to go from gemstone to ring, with our expert custom ring design team. Our growing inventory of sapphires contains cut stones of various popular cuts, with custom cut options available. At Brilliyond our aim is to cover your white sapphire needs end to end. Contact us today for your complete sapphire stone and engagement ring solution.