Rose Gold Wedding Ring Alba


White Gold Wedding Ring Solidity


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Kiora


White Gold Wedding Ring Felice


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Meira


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Citadel


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Valentino


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Aurelia


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Buttercup


White Gold Wedding Ring Valentino


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Aurelia


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Primrose


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Felice


White Gold Wedding Ring Aurelia


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Azora


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Solidity


White Gold Wedding Ring Cordelia


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Cordelia


White Gold Wedding Ring Citadel


White Gold Wedding Ring Primrose


White Gold Wedding Ring Asteria


White Gold Wedding Ring Alba


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Solidity


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Asteria


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Asteria


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Felice


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Cordelia


White Gold Wedding Ring Buttercup


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Primrose


Rose Gold Wedding Ring Buttercup


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Kiora


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Meira


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Alba


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Citadel


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Azora


Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Valentino


White Gold Wedding Ring Meira


White Gold Wedding Ring Kiora


White Gold Wedding Ring Azora

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Your wedding rings are arguably the top jewel that you can ever own, so they ought to be the best that money can buy. If your wedding band (ring) is meant to symbolise great love, strong commitment and enduring joy, then our selection of top-of-the-line wedding bands ought to be the choice for you. If you are looking for that perfect wedding ring for a woman, one that would become a concrete expression of your vows, and your hope for the future, then your choice of jeweller better be the best. We at Brilliyond have spared nothing in making the best-crafted wedding rings for women in the market. Made by our team of designers, who have produced a selection of wedding bands that are tailored to suit a variety of tastes. With a wide range of wedding bands to choose from: from simpler, to more affordable designs, which meet the highest industry standards that will stun the wearer and beholder.

A Wide Range of Wedding Ring Settings to Choose From

Feel free to explore our spectacular array of wedding bands that includes our finest styles that come in an array of designs. Our offerings, which can be found in an array of wedding ring settings that are right up there with the best. Wedding bands that range from the most simple designs to the most delicate eternity wedding bands, to the luxurious pave diamond wedding bands. Our Wedding rings can be found in a variety of settings: that range from metal type, stone placement, sizes. The main metal types come in platinum and white gold (18K) varieties, along with sterling silver rings; so you cannot go wrong in terms of choice metals for your band. Our selection of wedding rings may also differ with respect to presence, type and number of natural gemstones: gemstones which are placed to accentuate the beauty of the ring, and add greater value. For those interested, we also accept special orders, where you are able to select custom made wedding rings, that are set to your desired setting. Based on our offering, we are more than certain that you will find a wedding ring that is most appropriate in style and setting, one that will match your expectations in capturing your love and commitment. 

Diamonds Wedding Rings with Other Gemstones

The notion of combining wedding rings with precious stones is not something that comes to mind immediately. Wedding rings traditionally have been recognized for their pure metal character, with the engagement ring taking much of the attention when it comes to gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies. But things have started to change in recent years, with wedding rings becoming a source of innovation in the area of design and craftsmanship. As wedding rings, and particularly diamond wedding rings have become a source of interest for the more adventurous among us. Our selection of wedding rings contains a number of carefully designed diamond varieties, which have been made with an eye on compatibility with the engagement ring of choice. Diamond wedding rings, which are meant to complement the more visually prominent engagement rings, are naturally more conservative with their gemstone placements. Hence the setting of diamond wedding rings tends to have smaller diamonds, with the gemstone(s) also being placed differently to suit the specific style of the ring. 

Wedding Rings in your Desired Metal Type and Colour

Our weddings rings come in many colours, as colours in the world of wedding rings, and fine jewellery, in general, are generally connected to the type of metal in question. Wedding rings and fine jewellery in general, historically have been dominantly gold: which is a product of the colour of the metal type. Gold, as we know, in its purified form comes in a distinct yellow, with a glowing sheen. Gold is a colour that is naturally associated with fine jewellery, and wedding rings are no different. However, in present times new alternatives have emerged. With the rise of white gold, which over the years have matched and in some ways surpassed traditional gold, thus the popularity of wedding rings in white gold has emerged as a natural option. White gold wedding rings, like their white gold engagement ring counterparts, are a popular choice. Following the lead of white gold has been the rapid rise in popularity of rose gold colour and metal, which has built a strong presence in the market for engagement rings, and its choice for wedding rings is also an expected one. As rose gold wedding rings are a natural complement to engagement rings of the same colour/metal type. And with Brilliyond you stand to receive the best the industry has to offer. 

Top Selection of Wedding Rings in Australia

As a company with over a decade of experience in the industry, with an in-house award-winning design team, we offer some of the best wedding rings in Australia. In addition to having the more classical offerings in wedding ring designs and settings; we also offer a number of unique and vintage wedding ring styles, that you are not likely to see anywhere. For more information, Contact us on1300 186 315 at your convenience. We are always ready to help, guiding you in every stage of this important process.