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Unique Engagement Rings

Why you should consider getting your unique engagement ring made at Brilliyond.

Original in-house designs

Even our pre-designed engagement rings listed on the website are all original in-house designs.

One-on-one consultation

Please call us as many times as you want to make your unique engagement ring perfect.

Award Winning Designers

Our GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) graduated chief designer has won multiple international jewellery awards throughout past ten years.

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What are unique engagement rings?

If you don't want to buy one of the common design found everywhere, and want a unique product for a fair price, you are looking for an unique engagement ring.

Unique engagement rings vs vintage designs

Although vintage designs are most often one-off custom made designs, your unique engagement ring do not necessarily have the other characteristics of a vintage design. We will design a modern novel unique engagement ring for you.

Unique engagement rings vs custom designs

Yes, they are custom made. You can start your unique engagement ring design from scratch or you can pick one of our original designs and customise it to reflect your preferences.

How to make your ring unique

You have two options, the design and the centre stone. We are good at both. Our designs are exceptional and we have a large in-house coloured stone inventory.

What is a Unique Engagement Ring?

Unique engagement rings are specially crafted bands that carry a distinct design. The uniqueness here refers to the rarity of the designs. Unique engagement rings are not your average designer engagement ring, as their uniqueness is matched by their limited availability.

What is a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?

Unique engagement rings are defined by their distinct character, which sets them apart from conventional engagement ring designs. Hence their non-traditional character with respect to design, as novelty becomes a key feature of unique engagement rings.

Can Unique Engagements be Traditional?

This is an interesting question. Since unique engagement rings are traditionally associated with their non-traditional character, with their out-of-box approach to design. However unique engagements rings can be unique whilst still maintaining a more traditional design character.

Are Unique Engagement Rings Expensive?

This would depend on a number of factors: the carat, cut, colour and clarity of the gemstone; the gold percentage of karat of the band etc. Since unique engagement rings are defined by their limited number, the prices in this range tend to be higher in, but not always.

What is the Process for buying a Unique Engagement Ring?

First, know what you are looking for in an engagement ring. Unique engagement rings are generally made to order; however since they carry a distinct character, often inspired by nature and art, the selection is limited. So start by getting in touch with your jeweller.

Why should you opt for a Unique Engagement Ring?

If your aim is to stand out from the crowd, express your individuality through your engagement ring, then a ring that falls into the category of unique is the choice for you.

Unique Engagement Ring vs Designer Engagement Rings.

This is an important question, since designer rings are now being sold as separate category. Unique engagement rings differ from designer rings in terms of their shapes, engravings, and importantly in terms of the source of inspiration that gave rise to the style of the ring.

Unique Engagement Rings vs Vintage Engagement Rings.

This is a bit more complicated question. Since unique engagement rings can include designs that fall under the heading of vintage engagement rings. The difference, however lies in how the ring categories are structured, which is dependent on the jeweller.

Unique Engagement Rings has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 74 customer reviews.

The term ‘unique’ has become something of a buzzword within fine jewellery circles. As jewellers and ring designers seek to differentiate their offerings with new designs and other innovations that seek to present their products under new, appealing categories. Into this mix enters the unique engagement ring, a category of engagement rings that differs in terms of style and character, set apart from the rest by its most notable factor: its claim to uniqueness. The idea of a ring, engagement ring or otherwise, being unique comes down to a number of factors. Factors that take it beyond the basic factors that separate average engagements from the rest. Here we will take a look at some of the important factors that distinguish unique engagement rings from other types of engagement rings, which differ categorically, in relation to the type and number of characteristics.

One way to understand what distinguishes unique engagement rings from the rest is to analyse their characteristics in relation to other popular engagement ring categories. In the world of fine jewellery, engagements are often separated in terms of quality, which is determined by a host of factors: the size (carat) of the centre stone (e.g. diamond or sapphire), the metal of type of band, the number of side stones etc. The quality of the gemstone of the ring, with respect to the 4Cs, being the most notable factor. Which come together to affect the final price of the engagement ring. However, the value of a ring is also dependent on the type of category that it falls into. Not all engagement rings are made equal, and jewellery designers and top jewellers often set aside distinct categories under which various engagements are placed; as they seek to meet the demand for engagement rings from buyers with varied expectations.

The market for unique engagement rings can be seen as a more recent development in the search for engagement rings that are considered novel, or hard to purchase. Historically this spot has been held by a category of engagement rings that fall under the ‘vintage’ heading. The term vintage is meant to imply something old, out of the market, and essentially difficult to come by. The value of these rings was determined by their rarity. When it comes to unique engagement rings the value proposition is once again related to their rarity, however, they differ in terms of their newness, and novelty of designs. Unique engagement rings, tend to carry a more modern, current feel, which the vintage variants cannot match.

The next popular category on the list of engagement ring ranges is the custom engagement ring. One that has grown in popularity in recent times, as fine jewellery seekers begin to place ever greater emphasis on the element of personalisation. However, as those familiar with the process of jewellery making and buying would know, every engagement ring that is purchased is technically custom made: As the ring in the selection, design and later adjustment stages, undergoes many changes. Most of which are tailored to the specific requirements of the individual buyer. Interestingly, when it comes to unique engagement rings, the same principles apply, but with a few important differences: First, unique engagement rings, depending on the jeweller, are placed within a pre-selected range of designs. Often unique engagement rings are given specific titles, that mark their character, style and mood. Further, unique engagement rings can also be considered custom, if the buyer chooses to come up with his/her own designs for the engagement ring, and seeks to work with a jeweller in realizing their combined vision.

Unique engagement rings: Traditional or non-traditional

Another point in the debate when it comes to the character of unique engagement rings is how far (or not) do they deviate from more traditional designs for engagement rings. The conventional solitaire engagement rings with a large or larger centre stone, with supporting accent stones tends to fall into the more traditional range; with unique engagement rings seeking to distinguish themselves in terms of band style and stone placements. However, unique engagement rings can also incorporate stylistic elements that define traditional engagement rings, but at the same time include changes that render a uniqueness of style: from the stone placements, the shape and structure of the band, the combination of metals (e.g. two-toned), and even the character of the gemstones (use of bi-coloured sapphires). When it comes to unique engagement rings novelty and expression of individuality become the key factors; to which you, the buyer's own input can also be incorporated. As unique engagement rings are able to adopt elements from those which are custom-made.

Where to buy unique engagement rings

Getting hold of a quality unique engagement ring basically comes down to your expectations, your choice of jeweller, and your budget. Since many of the top jewellers are increasing their focus online, it is important that you know what your jeweller of choice is offering; not only when it comes to the quality and choice of their unique engagement rings, but their other offering when it comes to engagement and wedding rings in general; the latter is also found in the ‘unique’ range. So a solid jeweller option for a top-quality unique engagement ring is to do your due diligence on the company in question and ask questions, and seek human to human contact with its representatives.

Unique engagement rings Australia

At a time when many businesses are shifting more resources online, with a considerable percentage of physical purchases of goods taking place in the digital marketplace; in addition to those companies that solely carry out their operations online, the jewellery industry has embraced this shift over the years. When it comes to making a valuable, long-term purchase like engagement rings, the proximity of the jeweller is key. Often customers seek jewellery makers who are closer to their location, or at least are regionally nearer to them; this is a trust factor, and companies seek to position themselves as being able to serve a wider market quickly and reliably. Our range of unique engagement rings, like all of our other products and services, are catered primarily to the Australian market, with free delivery, amongst other dedicated support. However, Brilliyond’s operations are aimed towards serving a global market. So those who are seeking a reputable jeweller for unique engagement rings from Australia can trust the authority of our expansive services.