Sterling Silver Little Diva Hoop Earrings

Citrine Watchtower Hook Earrings

Sterling Silver Tube Hinged Earrings

Citrine Eye of Cyclone Hook Earrings

Lilac Wonder Tulip matching Ring and Earrings...

Piccolo Purple Hearts Sterling Silver Childre...

Citrine The Eye of Venus Hook Earrings

Princess Kate Blue Sapphire Earrings Silver

Citrine Lilac Wonder Tulip Hook Earrings

Citrine Ice Queen Hook Earrings

Blue Topaz Ice Queen Hook Earrings

Citrine Imperial Cone Hook Earrings

Garnet Imperial Cone Hook Earrings

Piccolo Pink and White Sterling Silver Childr...

Citrine Braid Round Hook Earrings

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Adorning any formal or casual with the same ease and style, our silver earring collection consists of a wide variety of patterns, designs, styles and finishes. You will have the opportunity to choose from a gorgeous collection of earrings, all of which deliver a touch of class and style when paired with other subtle pieces of jewellery to present a magnificent display of sophistication and beauty. Fine artists exclusively design our silver earring collection, so you can get them customised to suit your every desire when it comes to choosing from a variety of designs, stones and materials.

Whether you’re looking for readymade designs or if you want to be part of the design process, our silver earring collection will help you embellish your wardrobe in every way possible thanks to flawless finishes and masterful patterns. Designed to complement a formal evening gown just as easily as a casual denim skirt, our silver earrings should be part of your jewellery box thanks to their powerful styles and sophisticated elegance. The best part of our silver earring collection is the low prices you’ll be privy to when you buy them online, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. You can choose to wear them on your own to adorn your wardrobe or you can buy them as gifts for loved ones on special occasions. Either way, you’ll benefit from high quality materials and spectacular designs.