Guarantee of Authenticity

We provide a guarantee of authenticity for every jewellery with a significant value. This will ensure that the design is an original design by Brilliyond, the genuineness of the materials used, and the level of craftsmanship.

Original Designs

We are not a jewellery reseller. Our designs are original designs and you won't find them elsewhere. Our designs are as good as any designs you can find in the market. Here are some of the global awards won by our designers.

2015 Solidscape BaselWorld SILVER Award winner, Switzerland 
2015 ELLE design Award 3rd place winner, U.S.A 
2016 Solidscape BaselWorld PLATINUM Award winner, Switzerland
2016 JUNWEX Solidscape SILVER Award winner, Moscow
2017 JCK LAS VEGAS Solidscape Annual Design Awards, Award of Distinction, U.S.A 
2018 JCK LAS VEGAS Solidscape Annual Design Awards, Finalist, U.S.A 

Genuine Material

We use genuine natural sapphire gemstones in most designs with a significant value. We source genuine natural sapphires from Sri Lanka (well known as Ceylon sapphires. Princess Diana’s 1981 12 carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring is a good example of the timeless value of the Ceylon sapphire. Almost after thirty years, Prince William proposed to Kate with the same ring.). Ceylon sapphires are valued higher than the sapphires found in Madagascar, Thailand, or Australia. This is because of its stunning colour and lustrous beauty.


We use cutting-edge jewellery technologies such as cad/cam, 3d printing, casting etc. in our fabrication process so that the jewellery items come out without any flaw. And also we combine handmade techniques to give some of our jewellery a traditional and vintage look.




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