Colours of Sapphires

Colours of Sapphire Charts

Sapphire is unique in the world of gemstones in that they come in a variety of colours and shades. Arguably, sapphires can be found in virtually every colour on the rainbow, and the many tones that are related to them. So a study of the colours of sapphires also involves technically 'colourless' stones. Which includes the increasingly popular white sapphires and even black. Safe to say, if you can think of a colour that interests you, then there is likely to be a sapphire gemstone to match it. Here we outline the main colours that sapphire comes in and some attributes that characterise them. And we shall also touch on certain sapphire colour types you may not likely be familiar with. 

Blue Sapphires

You can’t talk about the colours of sapphires without engaging its most popular variant. The blue sapphire is the undisputed king of the sapphire gemstone family. The colour blue in the world of gemstones is often viewed as synonymous with sapphires and rightly so. Like rubies that are viewed as the embodiment of the famous red gemstone, the ruby; or how emeralds are viewed as the gemstone that embodies the beauty of the colour green; blue sapphires have made the blue colour their own. And with good reason. Sapphires come not only in a variety of colours but a variety, arguably a countless variety, in the respective colours they come in. So when it comes to blue sapphires, there are many variants of blue sapphires.

Blue Sapphires from Ceylon

Blue Sapphires from Ceylon

To list just two of the most popular blue sapphire varieties:

Cornflower Blue Sapphires

Arguably the most attractive type of blue sapphire variant, and is among the most sought variants in the range of colours of sapphires. This medium-light to dark blue sapphire comes with a velvety tone that carries a unique glow that is a sight to behold. The name of this variant is based on the beautiful Cornflower, whose wonderful blue this sapphire embodies. Of course, even the Cornflower blue sapphire also comes in a number of shades. Certain types contain a purplish shade spread throughout the blue.

Royal Blue Sapphires

The famous Royal blue sapphire is renowned for its rich darker shade of blue. A colour tone that is topped off with a rich lustre of glow accentuates the darker blue colour of the sapphire. The Royal blue sapphire is often sought after for its rich colour gamut, which, interestingly enough is not a single one. Even the Royal blue sapphire variety also comes in a number of shades within this particular range. Royal blue sapphires are arguably the most popular variant in the sapphire family. The famous engagement ring of Princess Diana is a notable example.

Blue, Pink, Yellow, and White are the most popular sapphire colours

White Sapphires

In case the point is missed, white is also a colour. And sapphire stones come in this popular colour. White is appealing for a number of reasons. It is simple, clear, and communicates purity. It is tough to go wrong with the colour white. And white sapphires are able to do just. White sapphires, like diamonds, arguably their main gemstone competitor, manifest this cool clarity that even diamond enthusiasts can’t ignore. Whilst white sapphires are not the most well-known variety, they are a growing segment in the sapphire gemstone range. For more information on this particular sapphire variety please visit our dedicated page on white sapphires

Pink Sapphires

The rising star in the sapphire range, pink sapphire is becoming a dominant force in the world of sapphires and gemstones. For those seeking a popular variant among the colours of sapphires Pink sapphires are a top choice, as they combine a sense of luxury and romance, and are able to generate a captivating feel. It is a great option for those who wish to communicate that sense of romance. Pink sapphires owing to their colour, which is sort of the in-between red and white, can be considered a great compliment to rose gold jewellery. There's much more we can say when it comes to this beautiful gemstone, so if you want to learn more about it, check out our dedicated Education page on pink sapphires.

A Pink Sapphire from Ceylon

A Pink Sapphire from Ceylon

Yellow Sapphires

The sapphire captures the energy of the sun and the hope of rising light that uplifts your day. Yellow sapphires are a more recent addition to the sapphire range, as their popularity in the market for fine jewellery is still evolving. Yellow sapphire can be considered a great compliment to yellow gold (i.e. traditional gold colour) jewellery. Their bright colours help accentuate the glow from the precious metal. Yellow sapphires can be considered the choice for those who prefer a more old-school take on gemstones. With a lot of attention shifting towards white and colourless jewellery in recent times, yellow sapphires, as in the market for yellow gold jewellery, stand to command a niche appeal in the minds of buyers. Learn more about yellow sapphires on our dedicated page

Colours of Sapphires: Range of Sapphires

Green, purple, and orange sapphires are less-known beauties

Less Known Sapphire Colours

Besides the dominant sapphire colours, there are a number of other sapphire colour types that are worth considering. Whilst these varieties may not be at the top of the list when you think about sapphire colours, these variants are nonetheless popular and have to carry their own special attributes. The factors that differentiate these stones that make up the category of the colours of sapphires 

Orange Sapphires

Orange is the colour of warmth and success. Orange sapphires hold that in-between position between yellow and pink sapphires. Containing elements of both, and manifesting traits that will appeal to unique sapphire enthusiasts. Simply put, if you like orange, and many of us do, then orange sapphires seem like a pretty straightforward choice. The visual element aside, orange sapphires carry a mystical element with them. In parts of South Asia, within Hindu mystical traditions, orange sapphires are believed to empower creativity.

Green Sapphires

Green sapphires are an interesting variety of this gemstone. Its popularity has been driven by the growth in new sapphire suppliers in parts of the world like the United States and Australia, which in addition to the main colour, have added new hues to the list of colours of sapphires. Where numerous varieties of green to greenish-toned gemstones have entered the market. Whilst these don’t match the more thorough green colour tones found in more solid green sapphire variants; with countries like Myanmar and Ceylon leading the way. One must not be fooled by the wide variety of green sapphires, as there are some top-of-the-range green sapphires out there. Some of them even match emeralds in quality and colour.

Green Sapphire from Madagascar
A Green Sapphire from Madagascar

Purple Sapphires

The violet variant of the mineral corundum. True to its name, purple sapphires do exist. The colour and tone of this gemstone make it something of a niche variant in the sapphire family. Competition for top-quality purple gemstones does exist, with wonderful amethyst leading the way. But purple sapphires make a strong case for violet gemstones. Notable, owing to the hardness of the sapphire gemstone: coming in at 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, which makes it a solid choice in terms of durability, beauty and luxury. And in case you forget, purple is the colour of royalty. So royal violet sapphires may be the right choice for you.

Fancy Sapphires

Any colour other than the main varieties is known as fancy sapphires in the industry. Fancy sapphires often have light colours. Though the notable absence is the list of the dominant red, also it features the absence of blue, green and orange hues. Fancy sapphires often feature a lighter shade and tend to combine the tonnes of two or more stones. 

Unique Coloured Sapphires

Even though most of the sapphires can be categorised into one of these broad categories, some unique sapphires cannot be categorised into any of them.

Unique Coloured Sapphires


Knowing the colour choices alone isn't enough to enjoy the true beauty of the colour of sapphire. Knowing how to observe the true colour of sapphire will help to understand your sapphire better.

Sapphire Colour Charts

Sapphire Colour Charts are used to effectively communicate the sapphire colours when an on-site inspection is not possible. Digital media such as magnified high-resolution photographs and videos can be used to get a very good understanding of the quality of sapphires. However, different digital screens use different colour technologies so that an image or video view on one type of screen can have a slightly different colour when it is viewed on a different device. When very accurate colour communication is required, printed sapphire colour charts can be used.