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Spinels are an interesting addition to the world of gemstones in that they are the top choice when it comes to stones with a glowing red hue. Once considered the ‘great imposer’, spinel gemstones were for a long time confused with rubies, but following the discovery of their distinct chemical character, spinels have established a reputation in the world of gemstones. Spinels are known as the birthstone for the month of August, and for their rich hues, which tend to be darker than the main red gemstone variant. These gemstones are sourced primarily from Africa, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon where the valuable red spinel variants come from. Spinels are increasingly being used in the making of engagement rings, whilst other spinel colours like deeper blue, and orange, but the deeper red tones are the most popular.

What Sets Spinel Gemstones Apart

The August birthstone is a bit of a mystery for many who may be entering the gemstone space. Spinels are characteristically red in terms of their most notable colour. However, spinels are one of the few gemstone types in the world that can actually be found in all major colours in the spectrum. However red remains the most dominant hue. To get a bit into the chemistry of the gemstone, spinels are part of the magnesium aluminate family, which means they are different from other top red gemstone varieties: the red corundum, also known as ruby. The colour in spinel stones is caused by the presence of trace minerals, with chromium being the key factor that produces the red colour. Other trace minerals like cobalt can turn the spinel stones blue. Despite being found in a number of different hues, the red variant remains the most popular. One of the most amazing features of the spinel stones is their rarity: Did you know that red spinel stones are rarer than sapphires and even the precious ruby. Despite being relatively cheaper. This is due to perception, as many people still don’t know the value associated with and the distinct character of the stones. One of the main strengths of the spinel stone is its high resilience, to external factors: with a Mohs scale hardness level of 8, it is one of the most naturally durable stones.

Why Opt for Spinel Gemstone for your Jewelry

Spinels can be considered an exotic gemstone option, particularly for those in the market for red gemstones. They are less well-known than the top gemstones in the market but feature a number of their strengths. When it comes to purchasing a gemstone for jewellery, in addition to the type and colour there are other factors like character and quality of the stone. Notable is the lack of inclusions. Spinels in contrast to other red gemstones like rubies tend to have fewer inclusions, and also feature a rich red hue and with expert, cutting can feature a greater level of brilliance. Next, when it comes to spinels, it is not all about red gemstone. Blue or cobalt spinel is one of the rarest spinel varieties and is also one of the rarer gemstones in the world. And if the idea is to stand out with distinct blue gemstone that is not the traditional fit, then spinels are a great choice.