Spinels are an interesting addition to the world of gemstones in that they are the top choice when it comes to stones with a glowing red hue. Spinels are part of the magnesium aluminate family and are found in a number of different hues, with the red variant being the most popular. Once considered the ‘great imposer’ for a long time it was confused with rubies, but following the discovery of its distinct chemical character, spinels have established a reputation in the world of gemstones. Spinels are known as the birthstone for the month of August, and for their rich hues, which tend to be darker than the main red gemstone variant. These gemstones are sourced primarily from Africa, Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon where the valuable red spinel variants come from. Spinels are increasingly being used in the making of engagement rings, whilst other spinel colours like deeper blue, and orange, but the deeper red tones are the most popular.