Engagement Rings Delivery Options

Selecting your favourite engagement ring and making the purchase are two key steps in the process of getting hold of your dream jewel. However the deal isn’t done until you are in possession of your precious ring, and in these pressing times, that process can be a little bit complicated. So read on to learn about our engagement ring delivery options, and the special arrangements we are able to make to ensure that you get your ring on time, in optimal condition.

How do we Deliver Engagement Rings?

Engagement deliveries make up a key part of buying an engagement ring. Since much of the engagement and fine jewellery purchases today are taking place online and given the restrictive times that we are in, in terms of mobility and transport, the importance of having the right delivery service is very important. And these services need to be matched with effective jewellery selection and making capabilities that can combine well with pre and post-sale services. Below is a breakdown of our engagement ring delivery options.


To get your engagement rings into your hands in the safest and quickest way possible, we deliver via Auspost, which has become our most reliable service for the Australian market. Auspost is a straightforward delivery service, where we get your parcels delivered to the nearest post office, and once the parcel arrives, you'll get an SMS and an email alert, which will inform you to go to the designated post office and collect your parcel. For more specific instructions you can follow the instructions on this page, which provides info on how to create your 'My Post' account with Auspost, and use the select post office address during ordering. Additionally, Auspost also has another option called parcel lockers. But in this case, since the item is expensive, don't go for a parcel locker. Post office collection is the ideal option for you.

For express delivery, you can consider Auspost Express Post, which is basically a next-day parcel delivery service. Most of our parcels within Australia are delivered via Auspost Express post. This service requires a signature on delivery is required, and in case anyone is not present to sign, the parcel will be kept in the post office for later collection. As noted for Auspost deliveries, the engagement ring buyer will receive delivery updates via email, to keep you informed and alert as your delivery date nears. For purchases of items below $50, we use Auspost Parcel Post and Letters.

If the Engagement Ring Deliver Meant to be a Surprise?

In case your engagement delivery is meant to be a surprise, which it often is, the question is what can you do to make sure that the parcel can only be received by the person doing the proposing? As noted it is quick and easy to get your parcels delivered to the nearest post office via the parcel collection service, as you will be notified once the parcel arrives. This means you can quickly visit the nearest post office and collect the parcel discreetly. There is another service offered by Auspost, known as parcel lockers. However, this is a pricey option and is suited for those who routinely require discreet deliveries. Thus the basic post office collection is the ideal option for you.

FedEx for International Orders

For international deliveries, FedEx is the way to go. This service is especially popular in Europe and North American countries. FedEx is a world-renowned delivery service known for speed and security, with products that can be delivered on time, with little hassle.

Hand Delivery

For those who wish for a more personal, Brilliyond’s direct delivery service can hand deliver your engagement rings in a quick, timely manner. Hand/home deliveries can be tricky as one may wonder who is answering the door. Again appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that only the right person opens the door so that the element of surprise is ensured. However, this service is limited to certain regions, with deliveries limited within the metro limits of Melbourne, Gold Coast in Australia and London, and Nottingham in the UK.

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