What is a Unique Wedding Ring?

Unique wedding rings are bands which are marked by additions which makes them distinct, or more distinct from the rest. It is a wedding ring which contains attributes which uniquely connects with the wearer with the jewellery.

What is a Non-Traditional Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings have a long tradition, hence their design tends to contain a set of common traits: Those that can be categorized as traditional. When it comes to unique wedding rings which are non-traditional in character, these are rings which move away from convention, and hence carry a unique style.

Can Unique Wedding Rings be Traditional in character?

Interestingly the answer to this question is also, yes. Since the idea of uniqueness need not necessarily entail the complete deviation from the norm. As jewellers can introduce changes to the traditional style of wedding rings, whilst maintaining its fundamental traditional character.

Are Unique Wedding Rings Expensive?

The price would depend on the core characteristics of the ring: band, gem style etc. Given the unique character of the ring’s design, and the greater customization that goes into it, unique wedding rings tend to be more expensive. However the prices can be offset by other factors.

What is the Process for buying a Unique Wedding Ring?

First know what you are looking for. Unique wedding rings are a way for the wearer to stand out. Since the rings carry a distinct design, getting them made tends to be a longer process. However, the process, from ring selection to delivery will vary depending on the jeweller.

Why should I opt for a Unique Wedding Ring?

As when choosing anything that is unique or rare, unique wedding rings carry a distinct design style, which are inspired by nature, art or some idea of your own. So if your intention is to exert your own identity onto your precious wedding ring, then a unique one ought to be your choice.

Unique Wedding Ringa vs Designer Wedding Rings.

Unique wedding rings differ from designer wedding rings in that the former carries a greater number of styles: that vary greatly in terms of the structure, ring placement, band style etc.

Unique Wedding Rings vs Vintage Wedding Rings.

Unique weddings can fall under the heading of vintage wedding rings, and vice versa. However, unique wedding rings contain a much broader type of designs in contrast to vintage weddiUnique weddings can fall under the heading of vintage wedding rings, and vice versa. However, unique wedding rings contain a much broader type of designs in contrast to vintage wedding rings; as the term unique can encompass a range of new, different designs.

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Unique wedding rings, which may sound uncanny as a concept, since all wedding ring invariably carry a degree of uniqueness to them. As couples who make their rings naturally seek to add an element or more to their precious jewel of choice, one that would mark it with a personal character. Hence an argument can be made that all wedding rings at some level, can also be considered as unique wedding rings. However, as top jewellers will know, there are qualitative differences when it comes to fine jewellery. One that varies between jewellery items and categories. So the main question is, what are the characteristics which define the category of unique wedding rings? And why unique wedding rings are worth considering as a fine jewellery purchase. We’re here to make things clear for you.

What Makes Wedding Rings Unique

As a start unique wedding rings are wedding ring designs that are noticeably distinct from conventional ring designs, in that they stand out in a number of key areas. Whilst the choice for optimisation or innovation will differ depending on the jeweller of choice; when it comes to identifying unique wedding rings, there a set of key features that helps to set them apart from the rest. Unique wedding rings, as their implies, are unique, in that they differentiate themselves from the rest: from the presence of two-toned metals, the prevalence of unique band shapes and curves; the inclusion of engravings and etchings, which feature more pronouncedly in this variant. And notably the use of gemstones which are unique or rare qualities in character: bi-colour or two-toned gemstones, and novel combination of gemstones. And in case the reader was wondering, yes gemstones are increasingly popular in the world of wedding rings, and unique wedding rings are noted for their adoption. Another key feature of unique wedding rings is the element of personalisation. Whilst personalisation of rings, wedding rings or otherwise, is common practice in the world of fine jewellery; however when it comes to unique wedding rings the ability for the buyer to incorporate changes, and make recommendations to help improve the distinct character of the wedding ring is notable. And, importantly, unique wedding rings should not be confused with custom made rings, as jewellers tend to provide a set range of jewels, under which the heading of unique wedding rings are present; to which your desired changes can be applied.

Why Choose Unique Wedding Rings

The keywords that ought to come to mind when it comes to choosing unique wedding rings are ‘personalisation’ and ‘individuality’. In addition to benefiting from the novel designs set by the jeweller, for this range; which tend to be premium in their character; the choice of unique wedding rings is about standing apart from the rest, but to do so with a ring design that is not only personal but also novel in its character. In the world today, where distinguishing yourself is a key feature of modern society, a state of mind that comes to influence the way we dress, travel, and even communicate. When it comes to something as special and enduring as a wedding ring, the idea of making your mark, by choosing a ring that carries your signature and is also a reflection of your personality is key. Unique wedding rings are a special selection of rings that carry a number of novel design qualities, which can be improved by your own design inputs, that help make the ring tailor-made for you. Unique wedding rings are an optimal choice for those who seek to communicate their personal style with a sense of meaning via their precious wedding ring.

Are Unique Weddings Rings Affordable

The price of the product is often related to the quality of the good, in addition to its rarity and the value that is attached to it. When it comes to unique wedding rings the same principles apply. However, this does not mean that unique weddings are necessarily more expensive than other types of wedding rings. For in relation to value, which in fine jewellery is determined by factors like the quality of the band, which is determined by the metal type (platinum vs sterling silver); the carat of the metal (18K or 14K), the presence of strands and engravings; and the quality of the gemstone. The latter is determined by the 4Cs when it comes to diamonds, or the 6Cs when it comes to sapphires; the two most popular gemstone choices for fine jewellery. So when it comes to the affordability of unique wedding rings, their price is determined by a number of factors, including those which contribute to the value of traditional wedding rings. However there is a predictable premium that is attached to rings in this range, in terms of price; as jewellers seek to add elements of novelty to the design of the ring, in addition to the greater level of craftsmanship that naturally works into bringing out the novel character of unique wedding rings.

Unique Wedding Rings for Men

The market for men’s jewellery has been on a steady uptick over the past few decades, with greater emphasis by jewellery designers to cater to this important demographic. Whilst men’s fashion is still developing, the demand for quality and novelty when it comes to fine jewellery remains steady. And wedding rings are a key frontier. When it comes to unique wedding rings for men, the same principles that govern unique wedding rings for women apply, however, there is a different aesthetic and style that needs to be carefully captured by the jeweller. One that we at Brilliyond hope to meet.

Unique Wedding Rings Australia

When it comes to purchasing quality jewellery the location of your jeweller of choice, their authority in the industry is key factors that influence a purchase. Especially at a time when much of the industry’s operations are moving online. And since the purchase of fine jewellery is an important, and potentially high-cost decision, the elements of trust and reliability of the jeweller would naturally come to mind. At Brilliyond the satisfaction of customers is our primary objective, and to do this the quality and range of our products, the range and efficiency of our services are catered primarily towards servicing the Australian market. Hence those who seeking unique wedding rings from Australia are prioritized when it comes to nationwide free delivery, dedicated pre and post-purchase services and other support. However, as a global brand, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers worldwide safely and effectively. So the quality of service for those seeking quality unique wedding rings around the globe is assured.