Top 10 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Although diamond engagement rings are still popular today, more and more couples are considering a number of options of alternative gemstones to use on their engagement rings. This may be because of the couples personal attachment to a certain gemstone's characteristics, meaning or colour, or maybe they just want something th

Five Interesting Things about Brilliyond

1. Natural Genuine Gemstones

This is our key differentiator. We offer a very large collection of coloured gemstone jewellery. All our jewellery features earth mined natural gemstones. Our large gemstone inventory enables us t

The 6Cs of Sapphires by Brilliyond

The 4Cs of a diamond is an industry accepted practice to grade, classify, and describe diamonds. Apart from these four properties, many other factors are considered when determining the quality of sapphires. Incorporating the two major factors which are heavily used in the sapphire trade, Brilliyond introduced the 6Cs of Sapp

Engagement Ring colour options - The Sapphire Spectrum

The colour plays a central role in sapphire engagement rings. Many customers order a blue, pink, or yellow sapphire engagement ring and assume that they will get the exact colour as in the product image. The reality is that the natural gemstones come in all shades of the colour you choose. A sapphire with any desirable eye-ca

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