World Class Customer Service in Australia and UK

We have our operations in main cities in Australia and in London, UK. All our services are available online inclusing consultation, gemstone inspections, etc. However, we offer additional on-premises services in major cities. Please contact us to know about the services available in your city.

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Pre-Sale Services

Custom Design

Get your own unique design.

Custom Design Process


Schedule a Phone Call or a Video Consultation

Book an Appointment

Gemstone Inspection

Select the right gemstone for you

Live Gemstone Inspections

Gemstone Pre-Delivery

We can send or hand deliver the gemstone to your address so that you can

personally inspect it

Customer Service Excellence

Fast Response

Responding promptly is the key to a great customer service. We do not let our customers wait.

We do not Hard sell

We believe in some good old ways of doing business built on genuine trust. We do not leave the customers alone after we sell an expensive jewellery.

Personal Consultant

Once you connect with us, one of our customer service champion will guide you throughout your ordering process from design, deliver, to after sales.

We Listen

We are a fully integrated business who do gem cutting, jewellery design, manufacturing, and technology; all in-house. We can deliver exactly what you want.

Make Everyone Smile

At the end of the day we want a smile on eveyones face.

After Sale Services

Check Order Status

Enter your order details and

Check Order Status

Ring Resizing

Free and Frixed Price Resizing

Resizing Engagement Rings


Expensive jewellery can be insured against theft and/or loss.

How to insure your jewellery

Returns and Refunds

We offer easy returns and refunds

Return and refund policy

What our customers say

Product Reviews

Free Shipping, Free Hand Delivery

Free shipping on all orders and hand delivery on request

24 Hour Phone Support

24/7 Phone Support

Secured Payments

Your payments are well secured