Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamond is a less expensive and more ethical alternative to natural earth mined diamonds.

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The Choice of New Generation

An Ethical Choice

Lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly alternative to earth minded natural diamonds.

The Same Quality

Gem quality lab grown diamonds carry all the features that you would find in a natural diamond.

Readily Available

Lab grown diamonds are taking over the market share very fast and they are readily available.

More Economical

Lab grown diamonds command a lower price, as they are manufactured rather than mined.

High Clarity Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are made in controlled environments so achieving high quality is possible.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are made in laboratories that are chemically identical to natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are made using high heat and pressure techniques that carry the same characteristics of real diamonds.

Do The 4Cs Apply to Lab Grown Diamond?

Yes. Since lab grown diamonds are made in controlled environments, they carry the same features as natural diamonds, and hence can be evaluated accordingly. Please check our Guide on 4Cs to learn more.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Valuable?

Yes. Growing diamonds in a lab environment is a very expensive process. Growing larger diamonds are even more expensive. They can be 10% to 50% cheaper than natural diamonds. For the same price you can get a 50% - 80% bigger created diamond (based on carat weight).

Why are Lab Grown Diamonds Popular?

They are viewed as ethical alternatives to natural diamonds, which are mined from the Earth. Hence environmentally conscious buyers who are concerned about the natural environment tend to go for lab grown diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Cheaper?

Yes, lab grown diamonds can be 10% to 50% cheaper than natural diamonds. For the same price you can get a 50% - 80% bigger created diamond (based on carat weight).

Main Advantage of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds.

The main advantage is that quality lab grown diamonds is that high quality stones can be found at relatively cheaper prices. For comparable natural diamonds are more expensive. Also, lab grown diamonds are viewed as more environment friendly.

When Lab Grown Diamonds Became Popular?

Lab grown diamonds were first developed in the 1950s and entered commercial use somewhere in the 1980s. Their adoption as substitutes for natural diamonds in the jewellery industry only really took off in the past decade, with advances in technology.

Key Difference Between Lab Grown and Natural?

Besides the origins, the cost remains the main factor. Since lab grown diamonds are used extensively in industry, where diamonds are used for cutting and for making special instruments, there is a higher supply, hence a lower price. And also a low to no resale value.

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Lab grown diamonds as their name indicates are diamonds created artificially diamonds, which are different from natural diamonds or man-made or mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are virtually identical to the naturally sourced ones: in terms of durability, glow, and sparkle and other notable diamond features. Lab grown diamonds have risen in popularity in recent times, owing to lower cost, and their use as a more environmentally friendly option. Lab grown diamonds are increasingly popular among millennials and younger. Lab grown diamonds are being used in the making of fine jewellery more, with the spread of this technology and with jewellers recognizing the economic viability of making lab grown diamonds. Notable here are engagement rings, which are made with lab grown diamonds, which are generally cheaper, and tend to have higher clarity all for a lower price.