The Gothic sibling of the Diamond Family: All you need to know about Black Diamonds

The mysterious gem queen black diamonds are the opposite of colourless diamonds which features dark instead of bright, absorbing light instead of reflecting, opaque instead of sparkling but still stunning and perfect. So what makes it a beautiful piece of gemstone is the perfectly polished surface. The intrigue and exclusive mysterious stone; Black diamonds are very rare, as most of the best quality stones coming from Brazil, South America and  Central Africa. They also referred to as “carbonados diamonds”. As a black diamond jewellery designer in Australia we love and know so much about black diamonds. So we need to share the details with you.

Black Diamond is the goth cousin of dimaonds

The anatomy of precious Black Diamonds 

Generally, diamonds get colours from the presence of trace elements during their formation, the same way black diamonds receive their black due to the presence of heavy amounts of graphite impurities of stone together with pyrite and hematite. If you ever heard of Moh’s scale you may know that diamonds rank in 10th place on this scale due to their durability. Black diamonds are harder than the majority of colourless diamonds. they quite differ from other diamonds concerning their anatomy as they consist of many small crystals all stuck together in random formation. Technically we called this polycrystalline structure. The colourless and colour diamonds often found in kimberlite deposits but the black diamonds were found in alluvial deposit means material deposited by rivers.

How Valuable are Black Diamonds?

The word "gemstones" always remind us of the sparkling, brightness and glitter. Therefore, unconventional gemstones ink-black diamonds always comes with the question are they? Though we haven’t heard or seen these dark beauties ever they are real and natural. The misrepresentation of the black diamonds over the years finally put people on this questioning. Anyway as diamond experts we are ready to clarify it and give you the right information on this misconception. As I answered earlier we confirmed that black diamonds are real and we call the natural black diamonds. The reason behind the misconceptions is the other available black diamond types. They are treated as black diamonds and man-made or lab-grown black diamonds. So altogether there are 3 types of black diamonds available in the market.

Natural Black Diamonds

Generally, natural black diamonds are found in alluvial deposits are and simply the clusters of graphite present in the structure make them appear naturally black. No ink, no artificial modulation takes place to give them a black hue.

Treated Black Diamonds

These are the cheapest black diamonds in the market as they were made of less value than regular white diamonds or else colourless diamonds. Actually, these white diamonds use as industry diamonds instead of jewellery diamonds as their appeal is not at such a good level. In terms of treating these regular white diamonds with heat and irradiations, they gain a black hue within and looks like black diamonds. But actually, they are not real blacks and just appeal and pretends like. Therefore these enhanced black diamond type is not GIA certified as a true black diamond.

Manmade Black diamonds vs Lab-grown Black Diamonds

These synthetic black diamonds are made with the newest technologies and done by specialized hi-tech companies laboratories. They seem to be quite similar to natural black diamonds. 

As I have mentioned on GIA certification would like to add bit more details on 4C's here. Compared with other diamond types the evaluation of these mysterious diamonds are quite different. As there is no tone or saturation variation in black diamonds they simply grade the colour of these as "Fancy". So keep in mind for black diamonds there is only one colour grade available. For the black diamonds, there is no clarity grading added and they omit the clarity grade. The third C is the carat and most of the black diamonds in the market come in 1-carat grade. The presence of high carat large natural black diamonds are rare and when the carat rate increased the price also rising. Finally, as the black diamonds are opaque and not sparkling at all compared to the other diamond types they were treat with some well-faceted cut to exhibit some light reflection. Actually, the structural pattern of black diamonds makes them really hard to cut and polish as they more tend to crack.

In the jewellery industry black diamonds refers to “Fancy blacks”. Fancy colour diamonds are much rare and they got high value in the market. But comparatively these impressive blacks are affordable than colourless and fancy colour diamonds. Demand is one of the most concerning fact for the pricing and black diamonds are continuously gaining high demand in the jewellery industry thanks to the presence of amazingly stunning jewellery pieces done by expert designers in recent years. However, for the question do black diamonds valuable we couldn’t give a pure answer as it could be yes and no at the same time. And let’s see why? When it comes to black diamonds there are two more options to go with other than natural black diamonds. Those are Treated or enhanced black diamonds. Those types are extremely cheap. But things opposite if you concern GIA certified natural black diamonds. They approximately cost $1,500-$3,000 per carat when it comes to 1 to 3-carat weight black diamond.

Black diamonds are durable but it's structural pattern make them tend to crack when it comes to long process cutting

Fancy Coloured Black Diamonds for Jewellery

Black diamond is attaining more popularity over past ears and people finding black diamonds more sophisticate and classy when contrasting them with tiny colourless diamonds. We can see an upcoming rise in black diamond jewellery sale most among the youth as they found this enigmatic gem more simple and out of ordinary. So those who love unconventional choices tend to go with fancy black diamond jewellery especially black diamond rings. When this dominant diamonds paired with white hue metals like platinum and white gold the outcome is a splendid black diamond ring that is unique and incomparable. Most of the times the designers mounted black diamonds next to colourless accented diamonds or put them in an accented diamond halo for contrast. So this swirl designed black diamond rings are extraordinary and loved by many. Also, black diamonds are looking stunning and gorgeous in earings, anklets and studs together with gold necklaces as well.

The unique and bold classic black diamond jewellery for graceful ladies

“Why black?” -“Because you are not like anyone else”

Everyone knows the global phenomenon Sex and the City. In the most famous American romantic comedy sex and the city 2 film you may not forget the last scene of how Mr Big pop the question to Carrie Bradshaw with a stunning 5-carat black diamond white gold ring? And then she asked “Why Black?” and Mr Big replies “Because you are not like anyone else”.For him, she was such special and he never needs to propose to her with a common diamond ring. This eye-popping 5-carat black diamond ring was the most significant piece of jewellery in the movie’s entirety. This was designed by  Itay Malkin and it features an 18 k white gold band encrusted with 78 pave diamonds totalling 0.40 carats. Anyway, this dramatic statement tends for the unique black diamond engagement ring and even today after years black diamonds haven't dated yet. It seems this enigmatic gemstone is here to stay for a long time.

Say Hi to Enigmatic Black Diamond Rings

The unconventional black diamonds are perfect representation of confidence and dominance personality

Black is never the choice of the feminine but still unique, unconventional and feels much confidant and dominance in it. When it comes to diamond engagement ring designs most of the jewellers tend to use these fancy blacks as accented stones instead of using it as the main gemstone. But some jewellery designers are pretty much confidence with their rings where the black diamonds present as the main centrepiece of the diamond rings. If you in need of designing your own type of unconventional black diamond ring we are here to serve you. Brilliyond delivers customized and personalizes black diamond jewellery masterpieces for our customers.

Finally, though buying diamonds have been such a good investment we are not advising you to go with black diamonds expecting it to be a better future investment. Because it could be or not. However, these black beauties are a real unique and unconventional piece of gemstones that no one regret to own. If you in love with black diamonds after reading all and still your budget not supporting we'll tell you a secret. Just have the same appeal with more affordable onyx, but remember they could never replace the black diamond but just an option to make you happy. So for those who looking for extraordinary and unconventional designs to match their personality, these fragile black diamonds are a perfect choice. But we keep the decisions up to you. 

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