Customer Story - A Tale of Two Wedding Bands

We love helping our customers to have the best for their very special day. This is why we provide the best quality customized engagement rings for you. Why should you get your engagement ring customized? Getting a customized engagement ring allows you to involve in the ring designing process and allows you to select your preferences and choices for the engagement ring. This is one of the best options to select if you are on the lookout for a unique and one of a kind engagement ring. You can be the master of your engagement ring design.

Kate (pseudonym) is a stylish young woman always a step ahead of fashion. She loves the attention to detail when it comes to fashion and jewellery. When Kate visited us at Briliyond jewellery she had a vision of her dream engagement ring and wedding band in mind. Once she selected the engagement ring of her choice she wanted a customized complimentary wedding band for the engagement ring. Briliyond was just the right place for her with its highly experienced jewellers.

Special jewellery like wedding bands should not only have excellent quality and durability but should also be unique in design, It should be something you can proudly call exclusively yours, making it worth every penny. Our team at Brilliyond came up with a couple of unique design options to suit Kate's preferences with Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

wedding band options for the engagement ring

Two wedding band designs were created to complement her gorgeous engagement ring. Kate was interested in a wedding band that would complement the beautiful shape and structure of her engagement ring. So, we designed two wedding bands for her. The first design had the wedding band go under the crown of the engagement ring. While the second design had the wedding band to go around the crown of the engagement ring. The second design was created to maximize the visibility of the wedding band and to give an extra oomph to the engagement ring as well. Once the CAD design was completed it was time to get Kate’s feedback and approval on the designs. She loved the second design! The one of a kind wedding band had captured her heart.

wedding band around the crown of the engagement ring

Kate’s choice of colour was to go for a pink sapphire centre stone. At Briliyond jewellery, we always help our customers to select the most attractive gemstone colours and give industry insights to help make the best decision. This is one of the perks of opting for a customized ring design as you can create your own masterpiece. If a customer has an original gemstone colour in mind we are more than ready to help you find your preferred gemstone colour. Once the gemstone colour was selected by Kate the rings were ready to be crafted.

The pink sapphire engagement ring was perfectly crafted and delivered to Kate within a couple of weeks. Needless to say, her feedback was ecstatic. "The rings arrived and they are sparkly and beautiful! Fit perfectly too!".

Both the engagement ring and the wedding band were crafted with 188 natural diamonds with a gorgeously stunning 6mm 1.16ct natural unheated pink sapphire centre stone. Yes, an "unheated" natural sapphire. Kate didn't request an unheated sapphire, but as usual, Brilliyond over-delivered. 

engagement ring with two wedding bands either sides

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