Finding the Right Engagement Ring to suit your Lifestyle

Whilst the choice of the centre stone, the colour of metal, and the value of the engagement ring will naturally be the main concerns affecting your purchase, you also need to make sure that its design matches your lifestyle. Let's discover this is a bit more detail. 

For the Corporate Personality 

In formal settings such as a boardroom meeting, a client presentation, your engagement ring can become a magnet of attention. Any person who is working in a customer or client-focused role, where the person must present themselves and their company’s image, product/service positively to others, and if you are a person who is not afraid of showcasing your special ring to the world, then an engagement ring with a large stone, that communicates value, ought to be the right option. 

In terms of engagement ring design, if you’re a person who would like their special ring to stand out (helpful in PR situations), then opting for an engagement ring with a thinner band might be a good idea. As it helps to accentuate the size and shape of the central precious stone. However, you may have to be watchful, as rings with bands which are too thin, depending on the metal of choice, can wear over time, and weaken the durability of the engagement ring. 

In terms of options, have you thought about blue sapphire engagement rings? Such as the prestigious Blue Sapphire White Gold Halo Engagement Ring. Which is a great choice for those who wish to showcase their style to the crowd. An engagement ring accented with GIA certified diamonds, set over the shank of the ring, that communicates luxury and style. If you are unafraid of taking things to the next level in terms of style, this could be the option for you. 

Your Hands are Always Tied with Work

Working with knives, dishes (especially hot ones) can have an effect on the long term quality of your engagement ring. In roles involving constant friction and heat, and where there is the chance of getting food particles into the ring a more durable option for your engagement ring would be wise. In roles where you may be involved with hot spoons and prongs, there is also the chance of scratching the surface of the ring. Especially the metal, which depending on the type, and the demands of the lifestyle, can wear over time.

Careers that involve constant contact with cloth is also a factor to consider. For there is a chance that threads can get stuck within the space between stones. More seriously, if the ring has any protrusions, there is also the chance of entanglement with equipment. Thus selecting an engagement ring that is well protected, with a metal that is better able to withstand heat are important factors to consider. 

If your lifestyle exerts heavy pressure on your hands: notably, if it involves heat, the presence of metal utensils, then a more conservative, but not necessarily less prestigious, options might be right for you. Engagement ring, such as those that have fewer nooks that can hold impurities; and with fewer protrusions, so it reduces the chances of entanglement with equipment and protective gloves, might be right for you. In term of options, a Diamond Halo Ring Guard Enhancer might be the right choice for you.

Family camping

You're the Active Type who likes the Outdoors

If you’re the sort of person who does a lot of outdoor activity. Like hiking, mountain climbing, or maybe you work in construction, close to a lot of machinery, and heavy equipment; or you happen to be someone who likes keeping their rings on whilst doing these physically demanding things. Then there a few things to consider when going for your engagement ring.

Maybe the most important factor to consider for your choice engagement ring of choice is the type of metal. Whilst white gold may seem like the most popular metal these days for engagement rings. But this type of metal, especially the 18K variety, will scratch much easier, and potentially even break when subjected to too much pressure. Also consider the band size of your engagement ring, for a larger made will add to its durability. 

For the ring-wearer who is going to spend a lot of time outside, possibly in tough terrain then a platinum ring may be right for you. Platinum as a metal is stronger and more durable than white gold. And is able to handle scratches, which will happen at some point, much better. Also, if since time outdoors will have a greater impact on your ring, a firmly placed ring is also important. So it is best to look at secure options, like an engagement ring that comes with a bezel design. 

You are Risk Taker. And Want a Ring with Options 

We’ve all heard of Frodo and the One Ring. Or at least we ought to have. It’s interesting that in much of the movie, the One ring finds itself hung around his neck in a chain. Besides keeping away the ring’s dark power, wearing the precious ring around the neck, was also a safer place. Possibly.  

For those who drawn to the outdoors, with a lifestyle that demands a lot of wear and tear. Notably, those are involved in outdoor sports. (A common characteristic of Australian lifestyle). Then an engagement ring of your design: with the desired choice of precious stone, precious metal, stone shape, gem placement can be arranged.  With the added option of being able to wear it as a chain. That is if you find the right jeweller. 

If you’re looking for custom made engagement rings, then the choice of the jeweller is key. Who, in addition to providing quality gemstones, with well-designed metals, and stone placements; can also provide bespoke designs to meet your lifestyle requirements. Bear in mind that not all jewellers can meet this requirement, in addition to providing the other services, as effectively.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, with a large carat stone, with a cut that communicates high value and prestige of the stone of choice, you will be spoilt for choices. The market today is filled with many options for engagement rings with a top precious stone and design. But which comes with a price. However, if communicating style and prestige is your thing, whilst finding the engagement ring that suits your lifestyle, then one need not break the bank for it. 

We at Brilliyond have been in the jewellery business for over a decade. And have served customers with diverse needs and expectations. Buyers seeking engagement rings, who come from different lifestyles, with particular demands. Our engagement ring range is extensive, with sapphires, diamonds, semi-precious stone set engagement rings with numerous customization options. Whatever your lifestyle is, we have the options to meet your needs.

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