Top Ten Engagement Rings: Learn about our Most Popular Designs

If you’re are in the market for a top-quality engagement ring, one that stands the test of quality, beauty and durability, this process may have led you to do a general Google search for the top ten engagement rings on the market. Based on some of the hits for this particular keyword, two patterns appear to emerge. One: the discussion of best engagement rings ‘ever’, or in ‘history’ usually involves talking about engagement rings worn by (i.e. given to them by their fiancés) famous people. Such as celebrities, public personalities, actors etc. The second feature in the top 10 (or 20) engagement ring list popularised by bloggers that one is likely to find online, and more commonly by jewellery companies is to showcase their own popular engagement ring styles: popular in terms of sales for the respective company in a given period, or the popular engagement rings sold by the company, period. We have opted for second for the second approach, but with additional info on the 'technical aspects of the jewel, to aid the purchasing decision.

What you Will Learn From our Top Engagement Ring List

In our list for the top 10 engagement rings, we have provided a breakdown of our best engagement rings based on the most popular purchases. So the reader must be aware that this is not a claim for possessing ‘the best’ engagement rings in the market. Further, this list is not an overview of the most popular engagement ring designs, as there are a number of dominant engagement ring designs in the market for fine jewellery. Hence the reader, who may be a potential engagement ring buyer, needs to be prepared for the use of specific titles. Titles that have been given to specific ring types, which are meant to capture the jewel's distinct style and character, whilst considering the main design category in which the ring falls (i.e. solitaire, halo, three stone etc.). So this list of engagement rings may or may not contain designs that suit your preferred style, is mainly aimed at helping you make better sense of your engagement ring seeking journey more generally.

1. Vintage Country Road

One of the top choices for engagement rings, the Vintage Country Road engagement ring design is the top style in the Vintage engagement rings range. Before we get into the specifics, a quick word on the term ‘vintage’: vintage engagement rings are rings styles from a different period, not too far in the past: Usually 20 to 30 years ago. Whilst vintage ring styles tend to preoccupy the attention of antique buyers or those who are looking for a good or affordable deal when it comes to their ring purchase. This particular ring design which follows the fundamentals of the popular halo engagement ring style, adds a number of twists and addition to the basic design: Most notable is the filigree curves of the band of the ring, which flows through much of the ring, which is further accentuated by artfully placed milgrain on the shank of the ring. As in all other popular engagement ring designs, engagement rings in the Country Road range come in all popular metal varieties and precious stones. With prices ranging from the more affordable $ 1300 range to the highs of $ 5000+.

2. Milky Way Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion cut is a highly popular diamond cut: defined by its square shape, with corners that are smoothed out with carefully cut edges. The Milky Way Cushion cut ring design borrows the fundamental design of the popular halo design: with a large centre stone surrounded by Pavé gemstones, which could take the form of sapphires, rubies or cheaper alternatives like cubic zirconia; or expensive options like diamonds. Whilst engagement rings with cushion cut diamonds are a common choice in the jewellery industry, our Milky Way offering differs notably in our dual halo ring placements. Inspired by the vast circling rings that are formed by the placement of galaxies and stars that surround the centre, with the large centre stone taking its place. Our Milky Way Cushion Cut engagement rings can be found in the popular 14K and the more expensive 18K variants, and come in all main precious metal types: rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold and platinum offerings. With prices ranging from the more affordable amethyst and garnet rings that range from $ 1500+ to $ 6000+ diamond Milky Way engagement rings. 

3. Colour Accented Engagement Ring Paradise 

We stand for colours, bright and beautiful. One of the best ways of getting the best out of coloured gemstone engagement rings is mixing the colours. A three stone engagement ring gives more room to get the colour harmony and contrast better because the relative size of the side stones is not that small compared to the centre gemstone. Paradise engagement ring design displays this very clearly with an elegantly designed band and two raised side stones. 

4. Princess Cut Engagement Ring Capri 

One of the more distinctive designs in our engagement rings range and also among the most popular. A ring that blends a more classic style, of combining three main gemstones that are placed side by side, in a solid precious metal band. Engagement rings with three main gemstones have sort of gone out of fashion in the mainstream market for engagement rings, with the solitaire design has risen in popularity. Our Capri engagement ring design features two beautiful Princess Cut gemstones (or they can be changed to round stones as in the picture below) next to the main princess cut gemstone: which could become in either a two blue sapphire combination, with larger white sapphires in the middle. Or Princess cut engagement rings Capri can also be found with a diamond main stone, a more expensive option, with sapphires gemstones on each side. It is important to note that the gemstone in the middle is not a solitaire variant, and the gemstones that accompany it on either side do not function as side stones; as the three gemstones are meant to complement each other as main stones. Prices for engagement rings Capri is a solid mid-ranger, with prices hovering over the $ 3000 range, with a premium offering, with rubies going into the $ 8000+ range if you are looking for it.  

top ten engagement rings by brilliyond capri three stone

5. Three Stone Engagement Ring Sorento 

Three stone engagement rings are an interesting option since it is possible to confuse them with the one above. The key difference in the three stone engagement ring Sorento is first the type of cut of the gemstone: that comes with a wonderfully crafted round cut gemstone that holds the centre, that is combined with two smaller accent stones, which function as side stones, that are closer in size and shape to the centre stone; and is accentuated by twelve smaller gemstones, six on each side, that creates a sense of continuity. The three-stone engagement ring Sorento is a ring design that is akin to the rising star, going from lower visibility, and smaller size to the glowing rising centre star at the centre. Wearing a three-stone engagement ring Sorento can be found in a number of combinations, owing to a large number of gemstones. And when it comes to custom rings, the options are almost limitless. And in terms of pricing, they range from the more affordable $ 1200 to the mid $ 4000. 

Soronto Engagement Ring From Brilliyond

6. Claddagh Engagement Ring

A rather uncanny style in contrast to most modern engagement styles, the Claddagh engagement ring is a design inspired by Celtic traditions: notably, the Claddagh ring, which is an Irish symbol of friendship, family and unity. The key design distinction in this ring design represents clasping hands that appears to uphold the gemstones. Claddagh engagement rings come with five main gemstones, with one ‘centre stone', which is not as central as in other ring types, as it is accompanied by accent stones, two on each side, that grow smaller as they move away from the central stone. Claddagh engagement ring come in a variety of gemstones, with the diamond type being the more popular. However for those seeking a more exotic take, or who seeking an Irish green: the fresh Spring green found in the Irish flag, then why not choose a Claddagh engagement ring that comes with a lovely green sapphire, which when combined with white gold is a great combination. And Claddagh engagement rings are almost among the affordable types, going from $ 1500 to more expensive options. 

Claddagh Enagagement Ring

7. Accented Engagement Ring Naiad

A distinctly modern design that generates an impression of a pressure hold, where three fine gemstones are held close together, with a surrounding metal that is laid with accent stones. The key feature with Accented Engagement Ring Naiad is its uncanny style, which appears to break convention with traditional engagement ring styles: Known as the tension hold, which is an innovative addition the engagement ring range is the standout feature; in that it combines different gemstone cuts (Pear, Round etc.) In a single band. The pave band is laid with numerous gemstones. The advantage of going for accented engagement ring Naiad is that it gives many options when it comes to gemstones types in a single ring, and greater options when it comes to pricing. With engagement rings in this range being found in a wide price range: from below $ 2000 to nearly $ 6000. With rings that are found in diamond and garnet combinations, or sapphires alone, providing a wide range of choices.

top ten engagement ring designs naiad by brilliyond 

8. Round Engagement Ring Novia

Considered a timeless classic, the round engagement ring Novia features a two twisting band that emerges from the base shank of the engagement ring, that spread out and mount the centre stone, which is often a round cut gemstone. The snaking metal band is paved with tiny accent stones, which can be of your choosing, with the centre stone also available in a number of types. For those fans of mediaeval movies and the times where magic and might dominated, the Novia engagement ring design might be the choice for you. Among the most popular metal and gemstone combinations is Novia engagement ring with a single round natural sapphire, supported by fourteen accent stones. Considered among the more affordable engagement ring types, the Novai range can also be found in the premium class, with the large centre diamond, accompanied by fourteen diamond accent stones.

Novia Enagagement Ring

9. Halo Engagement Ring Marigold

Among the more interesting additions to our stylistic range. Our Marigold Halo engagement ring is a complex style that integrates the modern with a more traditional twist. Kind of like Royalty. The twisting metal gemstone laid band that surrounds the centre stone, like a halo, but one that also contains the modern addition of many accent stones, arguably among those with the highest, with 28 gemstones of your choosing. You are less likely to go wrong with a halo engagement ring Marigold, and is also price competing for mid-range budget, with quality engagement rings come in the $ 3000 range.

10. Cluster Engagement Ring Madonna

A ring design that stands apart from the rest, in that it is among the most artistic styles, the Cluster engagement ring Madonna, resembles a delicate flower that consists of eight pentagons, that are laid with eight diamonds that are held within the structures, with a slightly larger main gemstone of your choice. The Cluster engagement ring Madonna is among the most interesting designs, in that seeks to uphold high design with a more exotic taste of nature (flower). Madonna engagement rings come in a variety of combinations, in all precious metal types and gemstones options, including the more affordable garnets and aquamarines, with prices ranging from below $ 1500 to over $ 6000. 

Engagement Ring Madonna


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