How to Custom Order your Sapphire Engagement Ring from Brilliyond

A special jewellery like an engagement ring should not only be excellent in both quality and durability but is also unique in design, something you can proudly call exclusively yours, making it worth your every penny. This is why we wanted to engage you in our creative process of engagement ring design and fabrication. Our custom ordering process is very easy and our friendly staff will make sure you get the top quality service along with the top quality product that you desire.

Step 1. Pick an Engagement Ring Design from Brilliyond Website

Please visit and browse through our Sapphire Engagement Ring Collection to see if you find a ring design that you really like. More than anything else, we wanted to make sure that you spend your money on a piece of jewellery that you will absolutely love, we offer three options for you to choose from when you place an engagement ring order from us.

Option A - If you find a specific ring design that you like and that product is marked as "Made to Order", please enter your email address and submit a request. We will then contact you to get further information about your requirements so we can immediately start working on completing your jewellery. If that product is available for sale, you can simply proceed to check out and payment procedures.

Option B - If you find a ring design in our collection that you like but you wanted to make some minor customisations and variations, you can avail this Custom Ring Model Creation package we specifically designed for your convenience.

Option C - This case is rare considering we have thousands of engagement ring designs for you to choose from but just in case, you did not find any design that checks all the boxes in your list, you can contact us and we can make a brand new engagement ring design just for you.
Please see this Tailor Made Engagement Ring Design package for more information.

Step 2. Pick and Choose a Natural Sapphire Gemstone to be used on your Engagement Ring

We have more than 18000 natural gemstones in 30 different varieties, natural Ceylon sapphires included. But when it comes to Sapphires, good quality gemstones are rare. So once you've decided on your engagement ring design, we will then assist you to select the perfect natural sapphire gemstone for your ring. We buy Ceylon sapphires in Sri Lanka directly from mines, thus, we get the best quality gemstones even before they reach international buyers and retailers.

Another good thing about getting your sapphire engagement ring from Brilliyond is not only you get the best quality of sapphire gemstone there is but when it comes to cost, nobody in Australia can even think of matching our prices. 

Here are some amazing sapphire gemstones you can use in your custom made engagement ring.

Step 3. Brilliyond uses only the Cutting Edge Jewellery Technology in completing your Ring

All our ring designs are perfectly conceptualised and rendered using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and modern 3D printing technology, as well as industry standard casting processes to make the ring, then we do gemstone setting and polishing by hand. This hybrid technology allows us to fabricate jewellery in highest quality standards.

Step 4. In just Two to Three Weeks, we deliver your Ring to you - FREE!

The engagement ring fabrication process will take about a week and once your ring is finished we ship it to you. The average order fulfilment time is two to three weeks. 

If you need any form of assistance about engagement ring customisations and orders in Australia, you can Contact Us or simply call us at 1300 186 315.

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Ray is a customer service manager at Brilliyond. He makes sure that every customer gets an special attention to get their requirements fulfilled.

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