Tailor Made Engagement Ring Design

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  • This package includes the creation of a new tailor made engagement ring design based on the details/ideas/concepts provided by the customer. We will then provide a CAD model and rendering photo-realistic images (see step 2 in the image) for you. If you decided to push through your order with the proposed design, the design cost will be refunded. Please email support@brilliyond.com.au for more information.

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Many customers want to go for a custom engagement ring to reflect their unique preferences. Such customizations are done at different levels. 

1. Fully customised design from scratch. The customer comes up with an idea or a concept and we work together to make it a reality.

2. The customer selects an existing design but needs to do a minor change to the design such as changing the number of gemstones, shape/setting of the gemstones etc.

3. Simply use a different metal or different gemstones.

This package addresses the first situation where you wanted a new engagement ring design just for you. We do multiple iterations until the customer is satisfied with the design. But if you already found a design in our engagement ring collection but wanted to make a minor change, please order this package.

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