Where are they coming from?

Most of our gemstones are mined in Sri Lanka with the exception of Diamonds and Ruby. Sri Lanka was formally known as Ceylon until 1972. For centuries, Ceylon was famous for its Tea, Cinnamon, and Sapphires. Still, they are widely known as Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Ceylon Sapphires respectively. Ceylon sapphires are considered as top quality sapphires. We source all our sapphires from Sri Lanka. We strategically located one of our workshops in Sri Lanka so that we have access to the best sapphires. This also reduces our cost of production and the price you pay for top-quality jewellery.

Are those ethically mined?

Yes, the Sri Lankan gem mining industry is 100% ethical and also environment friendly to a greater extent. In recent times the government has banned wide-scale use of heavy equipment such as backhoe loaders in gem mining in order to protect the environment. And few medium scale mining operations which use such equipment are highly monitored and regulated. The vast majority of mining is carried out as very small scale operations using traditional techniques. Usually, everyone working in these operations has a fair share of the profit.

Can I buy gemstones from Brilliyond?

No, we do not sell gemstones. However, if you are interested in buying Ceylon Sapphires please visit Natural Gem Exchange. Natural Gem Exchange is our sister company. It is a business to business (B2B) gemstone marketplace. We source and trade thousands of natural sapphires through Natural Gem Exchange. Therefore, at any time we have access to a large number of quality gemstones for your jewellery.

Can I handpick gemstones for my jewellery?

Yes, we encourage you to speak with us about your requirement. Also, you can find lots of educational materials about gemstones in the Gemstone Education section in our blog. Please read those to see how we can help you to pick the right colour and quality for your gemstone. We are the pioneers of the online gemstone presentation using digital media. You can see a few of our sapphires with variety of colours here.

Pink sapphire gemstones directly from ceylon sapphire mines

Rough Sapphire Gemstone from Sri Lanka

Are your gemstones are certified?

We provide a certificate of authenticity which shows the details of your jewellery with every purchase greater than one thousand Australian dollars. If the individual gemstones are separately certified, we provide the individual certificates too. You can request to certify gemstones individually for any order and then we will provide all the certificates. We also keep independent certificates of our gemstones for added assurance for our customers and our safety.

Can I get a valuation report?

Yes, we can provide a valuation report from an independent party upon your request. However, we encourage customers to do an independent valuation themselves for more confidence. Jewellery valuation services are readily available in any major city in Australia for very affordable prices. These valuation reports can be used to insure your jewellery against loss, theft, and many other damages.

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