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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings has an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 2 customer reviews.

Featuring one single stone, the solitaire engagement ring is the most popular traditional engagement ring style. Simply a solitaire engagement ring refers to a ring which has a single stone in the setting. The beauty of the diamond solitaire ring is found in its simplicity and its elegance. If you are looking for a classic, timeless engagement ring setting then explore diamond solitaire engagement rings from Brilliyond comes in different metals, diamond settings, and diamond cuts and shapes. Those who love the minimalist and simple engagement ring designs easily fall in love with solitaire engagement rings.

The swirl design and the simplicity of the diamond solitaire engagement ring make it a stunning complement to any occasion and outfit. Those who really into simple and elegant styles could choose their solitaire engagement ring in different band styles, diamond cuts, settings to match with your personality. In diamond solitaire engagement rings there are no additional stones or elements that disturb the attention of the diamond.

Choosing a perfect diamond cut for a solitaire diamond engagement ring

The most important feature of a diamond solitaire ring is its diamond cut. Because it defines the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. When it comes to diamond solitaire engagement rings the ring can be set with any shape of diamonds and the most popular diamond selection goes with solitaire rings are round, princess, cushion and emerald diamonds. It doesn't mean that you need to choose the diamond out of them. Still, you could go for the diamond shapes like marquise, radiant or pear-cut will give a stunning look as well. Brilliyond ; Australian online jewellery store, we offer special Pear cut engagement rings under the Hera design category and round solitaire engagement rings come with Byond, Tesoro, Preen and Pacific designs. Explore our stunning collection and get to know more on these designs and their unique specifications.

Finding Perfect Metal for Your Solitaire Dimond Ring

Finding the perfect metal for your engagement ring as much important as finding the right choice of diamond cut and size for the engagement ring. The solitaire diamond rings could be made of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or else platinum. When it comes to determining the metal the most important fact is the style of your fiance. And then you could find the metal which will compliment her style. If she prefers cooler colour you could go for a platinum solitaire ring or else white gold solitaire engagement ring. If she has drawn warmer tones then the metal perfect for her is rose gold solitaire rings or yellow gold solitaire diamond rings. Though our solitaire diamond ring designs present with its default metals you could you customize the solitaire rings of your choice of metal. To view the look and feel of the designs with your own preferences please do click on the customize button under each product description section. Do you know that some girls really love the two-tone trend as its capability to add uniqueness to the design? If your fiance into the two-tone trend then you could explore our stunning two-tone solitaire diamond rings. 

What are the Popular Settings for Diamond Solitaire Rings?

If you are done with choosing the metal then now it's time to put the elements together within the setting. Determining the perfect setting for a solitaire engagement ring is more important than any other ring design. The reason is solitaire comes with single stone within the setting. So the beauty of the ring highly depends on the diamond setting. The most popular and classic setting for a solitaire diamond ring is the prong setting. Simply in this setting, the diamond tightly grips by a metal claw. As the prong setting is more popular Brilliyond offers swirl prong setting diamond solitaire engagement rings in all metal types for the customers. Our exclusive solitaire diamond ring collection features either four or six prongs. The prong setting diamond solitaire rings elevate its diamond more prominent compared to other settings. But if your fiance is having an active lifestyle then it is better to go for a setting like a bezel as it provides more security to the diamond. Our Pacific Solitaire engagement rings are more popular among the active woman and please discover to get to know more details.

Why choose Brilliyond to purchase your Solitaire Diamond Ring?

Deciding the dealer for your engagement ring is a vital decision. Throughout our years in Australia as a trustworthy jewellery designer Brilliyond has always gain its name and fame for swirl designs and worthy value of each jewellery we offered. All our diamonds comes with GIA certification and therefore you could have faith in our products. The most important thing is we value our customers prefer so always we are ready to do the customization on your choice. Now you are at right hands, so explore our extensive collections of stunning solitaire diamond rings and place your order. If anything to be clarified or more details required then please contact us via phone or email.