We only use natural gemstones for the main gemstone. Whether they are enhanced or not is always mentioned in your order. If you need un-enhanced gemstones, please select the option in the design wizard. The auxiliary gemstones are C/Z, an artificial white colored gemstone. Rather than going for less vibrant gemstones as auxiliary gems we always recommend to go for C/Z. However, if you need to use natural gemstones like diamonds, white sapphire, or white topaz please contact us. Check the Gem Catalogue to get more information about gemstone varieties.

Where the gems are coming from?

Sri Lanka. All our gemstones are from Sri Lanka with the exception of Diamonds. When you buy gemstones from Brilliyond, you'll be guaranteed the best price on the web. This is because we source our Sapphires directly from mine operators in Sri Lanka.At this moment we are unable to guarantee the source of diamonds. However, we can guarantee that all other gemstones are natural gemstones mined in Sri Lanka. Upon request we can provide certification of origin for any colored gemstone.

Are those gems are ethically mined?

Yes. Sri Lankan gem industry has never been considered as unethical. In recent times government has banned use of heavy equipments such as backhoe loaders in gem mining in order to protect the environment. When you buy a colored gemstone from Brilliyond, it is always guaranteed that it has an ethical origin.

Can I handpick gemstones for my jewelry?

Yes indeed, but only for precious gemstones such as Sapphires and Diamonds. The quality of precious gemstones are varying depending on there color shade, clarity, origin, and carat weight. We pick medium shaded, eye clear gemstones and also look for the quality of lapidary. However, if you need to handpick a gemstone while looking for a particular shade or quality, we would like to let you take time in discussion your requirement with our gem experts.

After you oder your jewelry you'll get a confirmation mail. Please reply to the mail explaining your requirement. First we educate you on gemstones and then we share the information including photographs of gemstones which help you to pick a gemstone you like. You also participate to a online video session and pick your gem yourself.

Can I buy gemstones from Brilliyond?

No. We are not in the gem business. We are in the mass customization business. However, we can provide guidence on buying expensive gemstones from Sri Lanka. Please contact us to get a free advice from our gem experts (

Are your gems certified?

We can provide certification for any gemstone upon request. Besides that, all precious gemstones are by default certified. If you need the certificate to be included in your package, please check the appropriate option during checkout.

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