Yellow Gold White Cubic Zirconia Luxe Cubic Zirconia Linear Pendant

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This mesmerizing jaw dropping cubic zirconia pendant is an authentic fine looking piece of jewellery amongst our Luxe collection at Brilliyond. Rich and beautiful, this versatile pendant features 12 unblemished white cubic zirconia of 2mm gemstone in size in a rectangular shaped pendant made of 925 sterling silver with yellow gold coated.

The blend of these colours derived from the cubic zirconia and yellow gold plated sterling silver perfectly complements each other and ignites the most magical spark and happiness one would simply ask for. The careful detailing of the pendant is evident from all angles of the pendant and owing a pendant of such quality is a timeless treasure.

Material: Yellow Gold Coated 925 Sterling Silver

Gemstone: cubic zirconia aka Cubic Zirconia (2mm)


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