Yellow Gold V Shaped Dhalia Inspired Ring

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This absolutely beautiful ladies ring consists of a cluster of radiant cubic zirconia on a 14k gold plated sterling silver band.  Well designed, cut and neatly placed are the 19 petite gorgeous cubic zirconia gemstones.  Well convincing and an admired alternative to diamonds jewellery can be purchased for a fraction of a cost of a diamond without feeling heavy on your wallet. 

Just as stunning as diamonds, it exhibits brilliance and twinkles with its very solid sterling silver gold plated band to give you that fine look.  Its refined appearance is not only value for money but you can expect durability as these gemstones are soured directly from the mines and uses the finest high quality materials.  Designed by our highly skilled team at Brilliyond, this truly unique piece will allure hearts of many as its sparkles from every angle. Visit our online jewellery store to check our novel collection to the cubic zirconia array.

Material: 14k Gold plated Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia

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