White Gold V Shaped Dhalia Inspired Ring

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Fashionable and elegant ring features round cut unblemished cubic zirconia gemstones on a 14k white gold plated sterling silver.  Designed to take the form of a famous Zinnia flower, this floral inspired ring has the cubic zirconia stones paved to display the petals of this uncommon flower.

Embedded with 19 cubic zirconia gemstones sized 1.1 mm each, is designed to fit for comfort and the next best thing to diamonds but at a fraction of a cost of a diamond.  Designed and crafted in our labs by our highly skilled designers.  Dress up adding a few more pieces of jewellery from our collection or make it part of your daily wear, with the fine and high quality materials used in our production of jewelllery will ensure a rust free long lasting wear.

Material: White Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia

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