Peridot The Eye of Venus Hook Earrings

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Initiate an enduring fascination with this exceptional pair of sterling silver hook earrings that is sure to illuminate any evening or daytime ensemble impeccably. Set in a bedrock of sterling silver, the impeccable peridot stones in this jaw-dropping pair of eye of venus hook earrings are unmatched in flair and style.

Presenting a look of ultra exclusivity, these fabulous peridot earrings deliver high-quality materials that last a lifetime. Available at an unbelievable price that is sure to save you some money, these earrings are easily available no matter where you live in Australia.

Material: Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Genuine Natural Peridot

Gemstone Size: 6mm

SKU: 100352

2 Reviews for “Peridot The Eye of Venus Hook Earrings”

  • My fave green earrings.

    by vivian on 2/2/2018 12:38:54 PM

    @Jhonny same here mate. They have some pretty decent jewellery pieces for sale at a very affordable price, like this one.

  • 6 stars!

    by Jhonny Deep on 6/5/2017 1:13:17 PM

    I cant believe im just discovering this Brilliyond brand! They really have good collections, especially natural peridots!

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