Craftsmanship is what distinguishes exquisite jewelry from mediocre jewelry. Excellent craftsmanship is a combination of technology, expertise, commitment, and focus. We use the technology to maximum in our fabrication process. Our fabrication partners are using the high tech equipment in fabricating jewelry. Every piece we deliver is quality control to the maximum and we do not let go any defects unattended.

What are the technologies you use?

We use industry leading software solutions to design our jewelry. The CAD/CAM models are rendered using the best rendering technologies available. CAM technology allow us to fabricate each piece exactly the way they look in the computer generated imagery. All kind of gem settings are done with help of microscopes so that we achieve the finest quality. Polishing and plating is also done with the help of high tech instruments.

What is your experience in jewelry fabrication?

The people who engaged in fabricating has a number of years of experience on making fine jewelry of all sort.

How do you assure quality?

We have a rigorous quality assurance system. All the materials including metals and gemstones are inspected in several stages during the fabrication life cycle.

Quality is an essential element of our business strategy. First, we ensure that you get the best design experience in the web. Next, we offer the best craftmanship that a jewelry could ever get. We guarentee the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) quality in the final product. You see high quality computer generated imagery in our design wizard and you'll get the same look and feel in the finished product. That is our promise of Quality and thus we standout amoung the competitors.

Quality always begins with a commitment. We promise you that with Brilliyond, you will never get less than the best.

What is the quality of material?

We use best quality Gold and Sterling Silver for our production. All our jewelry are hallmarked and purity is gurenteed. Upon request we can also provide certifications for the purity of metals.

Usually the quality of gemstones varies to a great extent, and their prices too. More than anything we want the jewelry looks nice on you. Thus, we pick the most attractive color shades rather than go for darkish which are usually expensive and lightish which look unimpressive. All our main gemstones are genuine natural stones.

What is the quality of the fabrication and finishing?

We stand for high quality jewelry. Our unique value proposition includes the superior craftmanship. The finishing of your jewelry will be as fine as any other sophicticated fine jewelry. Even our silver jewelry is equally fine as white gold jewelry.

What is the quality of your customer service?

We are very responsive and flexible. The last thing we want it an unsatisfied customer. Almost all jewelry with semi-precious stones are delivered within 2-3 weeks. We know that you do not search for an expensive jewelry in a hurry. Thus, when you want an expensive precious gemstone, we want to work with you to provide you the best. We might be the only company who provides the ability to handpick your stone by your own.

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