Blue Sapphire White Gold Oval Engagement Ring Nymph

    A spectacular engagement ring featuring a blue Ceylon sapphire centre stone delicately handset over a solid 18k white gold band with a pavé-set diamond (diamond) accent stones. For sale online all across Australia, but this nymph inspired engagement ring now.

    Main Gemstone: 1 X Natural Sapphire - Oval - 7X5.5mm - 1 to 1.3ct

    Accent Gemstones: 14 X Natural Diamond - Round - 1.7mm

    Total Diamond Weight: 0.274ct

    Material: 18k White Gold

    Weight: Approximately 5g (may vary depending on the ring size)

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The 6Cs of Sapphrie Quality by Brilliyond


The colour is the most improtant quality of a coloured gemstone. If you fall in love at first sight, it's your colour.


Clean and clear gemstones are more lustrous and glittery.


Carat is the measure of the weight of the gemstone. The bigger the stone the higher the value.


Ovarall shape, symetry, surface polishing etc. defines the quality of the cut.


Many sapphires are heated to enhance their properties. However, un-heated sapphires are more valuable.


Sapphires found in different regions in the world have different characteristics.

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