Key Necklace Nexus

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  • Add life to your outfit and be the envy of your friends every time you wear one of these sophisticated and originally designed key necklaces made of solid 18k gold and embellished by natural diamond and sapphire gemstones.

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Key jewelry such as key charms and key necklaces have always been a part of human fashion since earlier times because of its rich meaning and positive effect on the wearer. Key necklaces, in particular, have been popular even up to this day and easily became a fashion trend for people from all walks of life.

Brilliyond Jewellery's exclusive Nexus Key Necklace Collection showcases the most stylish and never before seen design on a key pendant. Nexus is currently available in fifteen (15) different unique styles and all are made of solid 18k gold. Each design features one or more combination of natural gemstones namely diamonds, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires and white sapphires. Our natural sapphire gemstones are directly imported from ethical miners in Sri Lanka while the diamonds used in each key necklace is GIA certified so you can guarantee its top quality.

Shop online now and own a top-notch key necklace pendant in Australia that does not cost you an arm. Own a Nexus key necklace now!

Accent Stones: 1.4mm x 1 (centre stone)

Accent Stones: 1.24mm x 8

Accent Stones: 1mm x 25

Material: Solid 18k Gold

Key Length: 30mm

Weight: Approximately 3g

Chain not included.

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