Ruby White Gold Halo Engagement Ring Marigold

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Ruby Three Wishes Ring

Ruby Lovably Heart Ring

Ruby White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Byo...

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Ruby Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring Marigold

From $6351

Ruby Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring By...

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Ruby Gatekeeper Butterfly Ring

Ruby Cat Ring

Ruby Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Byond

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Ruby White Gold Halo Engagement Ring Corona

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Ruby Lantana Flower Ring

Ruby Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring Corona

From $7057
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Why Choose a “Ruby” Jewellery

The gleaming ruby gemstone is the birthstone for July. This magnificent red gem is one of the most expensive and rare coloured gemstones in the whole world and is considered to be one among the most romantic gemstones. It is renowned to be the 15th and 40th anniversary stone making it an ideal jewellery gift idea. We at Brilliyond made the ruby gemstone to be more presentable as a gift idea by incorporating them into our fine women’s jewellery collection. An increasing demand for ruby studded sterling silver and gold jewellery is observed lately mainly due to its hardiness and durability and most importantly the contrasting colour that can take memories a long way, making them also a very stunning ruby engagement rings.

Ruby Jewellery as a Solid Investment

Our exquisite ruby pieces of jewellery shimmers and glitter against the solid sterling silver or 18k gold metals. Delicately handset and masterfully designed by our very own artist, these ruby pieces possess extreme appeal and the uniqueness and is guaranteed a good investment while offered at extremely attractive prices available to be delivered across Australia. Other than our existing preset designs, you can also Contact Us for a personalised piece/s of ruby jewellery as a perfect July birthday gift for you or your loved ones. You can call us on 1300 186 315.