Black Sapphire Engagement Ring - 1.8ct

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Black sapphire engagement rings are a more recent addition to the world of fine jewellery. The use of black sapphires in jewellery started with everyday use, such as basic rings, necklaces and pendants. With black sapphire rings of various designs being the more popular option. However, the market for black gemstones has steady steady growth in terms of interest. Whilst it is not the most popular gemstone in the sapphire category, black sapphires have managed to carve out a niche position in the market for jewellery, with its entry into the fine jewellery market being a natural progression.

Why Opt for Black Sapphire Rings

Since colour is a top criterion when it comes to picking gemstones, outside of colourless diamonds, black coloured stones, however, have not attained the same interest from ring buyers. People often prefer gems that correspond to the bright and rich hues found in the rainbow. However black gemstones have developed a following, building on the rise of novel gemstone colours, outside the range of the popular red, blue, green and red, black sapphires rings can be the jewellery of choice for those who have one: a distinct preference for gemstones of this colour. Or two: wish to showcase a gemstone hue that is markedly different from what the rest of the gemstone and jewellery industry has to offer. In other words, when considering a black sapphire ring, a question might be: why I am going for a black gemstone, instead of a white gemstone or gems with other hues? One key reason for opting for black sapphire rings is that the black corundum mineral is a far better option than other black or dark-coloured hues of other gemstone types. Such as onyx. Black sapphires come with the same strengths found in sapphires: high durability (9 Mohs scales for hardness), great reflective capabilities, and a specific advantage of this stone are that they are more affordable relative to other sapphires. In sum, you combine the natural strengths of sapphires, in a novel colour (black), and within a competitive price range.

Characteristics of Black Sapphire Gemstones

When purchasing a black sapphire ring, first-time buyers will be curious about the specific features of this stone. Black sapphires, like other corundum gemstones, get their colour from trace minerals. In this variant, there is an overabundance of iron and titanium. In some ways, black sapphires are the extreme version of blue sapphires in the colour spectrum. And upon closer inspection, these gems can seem very dark blue or even dark purple. Black sapphires tend to be cheaper stones and get their colour by absorbing great amounts of light. These stones are found in Australia and aren’t rare or unique at all. When they are discovered, they’re usually found and easily mined in large quantities which makes them a more affordable option than other stones and gems. Black sapphires are often found to be translucent, or sometimes totally opaque, and feature darker blacks. These stones do not reflect much light and absorb considerable light that touches the surface. Black sapphires can be found in an array of cuts, with gems being faceted in an array of shapes, with the growing popularity of cabochon-shaped stones.

Distinguishing Features of Black Sapphire Engagement Rings

When opting for a black sapphire engagement ring, a key selling point is no doubt the gemstone itself. Buyers might be curious as to why they should opt for this gem. First is the distinct colour. Not too many engagement ring in the market feature black coloured gemstones. And even fewer numbers contain a well-cut, natural black corundum. The distinct character of this ring setting is based on the rarity in the adoption of this gemstone type. Whilst black sapphires are not among the rarest stones, not many fine jewellery buyers opt for them. This means those who go for a quality black sapphire engagement ring stand out among the vast majority of engagement ring owners.

Choose Brilliyond Black Sapphire Rings

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